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How to get a PR as an international student studying in foreign country?

posted on: October 21, 2022

After completing your education in a foreign university, a student visa will expire. A lot of countries give an extension of 2 to 3 years maximum for post-graduation work visas. Followed by this you have to extend your Visa in different ways. But ultimately if you want to stay back in that country for a lifetime then you would have to apply for a PR.  PR is often considered a difficult thing to get. Here is how you can get a PR in the following countries-

  • Portugal

If you have lived in Portugal for at least five years then you're eligible for applying for citizenship in this country. But there are some conditions such as you must be fluent in Portuguese and have some ties with the national community that you will have to prove. Also, you must not have a criminal record. One must know that you cannot directly apply for citizenship if you want to immigrate to Portugal. You have to start with a visa for a shorter time period and then proceed ultimately.

  • Canada 

Canada has a lot of ways through which you can get PR but one of the most popular ones is the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program. A lot of students have found success through CEC. It takes just four months for your application to be processed for PR. To qualify You must have lived at least three years in the country and have a work experience of 12 months. Working during your study will not count as work experience.

  • Australia

If you have studied in Australian universities that there are three ways to gain citizenship-

  • Gain a family-stream permanent visa
  • Gain a work-stream permanent visa
  • Gain a business or investor-stream permanent visa

In order to qualify for applying for a PR you must have lived at least four years in Australia.

  • UK

The application process for applying for citizenship in the UK is quite straightforward but very lengthy. Especially if you have spent some time outside of the country and if it is more than two years then it becomes a little difficult. Nevertheless, there are a lot of ways to get PR in the UK. Now there are different eligibility criteria for different people applying for PR. If you have a spouse or partner living in the UK who is also a UK citizen then you must have lived here at least for two years. If you want to get a beer on the basis of your business then you must have conducted the business for at least 10 years in the country. Similarly, if your ancestors were citizens of the UK and you are not, then you must have spent at least five years in the country before applying for citizenship

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