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How to overcome seasonal depression as an international student?

posted on: October 20, 2022

A lot of time we talk about cultural shifts being a major impact on the mental health of the students studying abroad. What we don't talk about often is the change in the environment that students are subjected to. Every country has different climatic conditions of its own. Spending 15 to 18 years of your life in that particular country makes you accustomed to that climatic conditions. Suddenly switching to a different country in different climatic conditions can be really hard for a student. It becomes extremely difficult to cope in terms of physical as well as mental health. If you are going through such a time then you must know that you are not alone. It is quite general and everyone feels this. Here are some ways through which you can tackle seasonal depression as an international student-

  • Exercise regularly

It is very important to exercise regularly to maintain your physical health. But exercising regularly is equally beneficial for your mental well-being. It provides you with the much-needed dopamine rush and serotonin in your body. Exercising makes you feel accomplished. Sweating out all the toxins from your body is always helpful to fight depression.

  • Bask in the sun

Make sure that you get your regular dose of sunlight. Even if it's gloomy outside, wake up early and go out. You won't understand the amount of impact sunlight can have on you until and unless you start doing this regularly.

  • Prepare yourself for upcoming winters

It may seem like pointless advice to you but it is actually very helpful. This is how most of the Nordic nations deal with the winters. They perceive winters as a time of celebration and holidays rather than lamenting over it. This way you can track your mind into believing that winter is a good time rather than something that is bleak and morbid.

  • Journal your thoughts

If you have ever taken therapy then you must be aware of the importance of journaling what you feel every day. It is a very good way of venting out whatever you feel. Bottling up your emotions for a very long period of time can be extremely harmful to your mental health. If you don't like the idea of journaling then at least talk it out with a close one of yours. You will realize that the more you will talk about it the less it will start affecting you.

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