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How to transfer into a university in Europe as an Indian student for free?

posted on: September 21, 2022

Studying abroad for free in a privileged university abroad is a great way of saving your money and ensuring a secure life for yourself. But the question is how would you achieve that as an international student who doesn't know anything about international universities? Well, the answer is it's quite easy if you do the research properly. If you are a study abroad aspirant you must know that most of the universities in Europe are free. You can easily transfer to Europe for your study abroad through the European credit transfer system. This system is followed by most universities in Europe. It helps in comparing how credits taken at one higher education institution are counted towards a qualification studied for at another. This ECTS system has been adopted by most countries of the world and makes the transfer process of students very easy. The ECTS credit system will defer according to the countries. For example, The ECTS points for a bachelor’s degree range from 180 ECTS (three years full-time) to 240 ECTS (four years full-time). For a master’s program, the ECTS points will range from 60 ECTS to 120 ECTS.

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