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India contributes the second largest amount of international students to OECD countries

posted on: October 15, 2022

In a recent survey it has been found that India contributes 10% of total international students studying in OECD countries. OECD stands for the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. Most Indian students prefer to enroll themselves in courses related to engineering. STEM is the most preferred subject area for Indian students. During the 2017 to 2018 period more than 50% of the international students studying in the US were enrolled in STEM-related courses. This number was 79% among Indian students. Similar is the situation in Germany. In 20 21 66% of Indian students studying in Germany were enrolled in STEM courses. In 2016/17 more than half the students that went to the Netherlands for international education enrolled themselves in engineering programs. This says a lot about the education trend in India among students. Indian students have an inherent inclination towards engineering, health sciences, medicine, and technology-related courses. Apart from this, it has also been observed that almost all Indian students studying abroad prefer universities with low fees. Along with this, they choose a location that has a very good job prospect market so that they get placed after their education.

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