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International schools to look out

posted on: November 29, 2022

As we know that parents and students these days are becoming very selective about schools. For many years people have been fanatically running behind famous universities and colleges. No one actually really cared about what kind of schooling a student got. But schooling years are actually the building blocks of one's life. It is in a school that a student gets prepared for the university and its challenges ahead. Here are some international schools that all the parents and students must know about-

  • Tanglin Trust School

The school in Singapore gives the opportunity to students to choose their curriculum. As a student you have the opportunity to choose between IB and A levels for yourself. This means that nothing is imposed on you and whatever you want to study is a decision that you take by yourself.

  • Marlborough College Malaysia

This school follows a British curriculum. It fosters self discovery and change among students so that they are able to successfully explore different parts and things about themselves. As they grow up they will be able to introspect themselves as well as the society confidently.

  • British International School Ho Chi Minh City

The school follows a British curriculum and teaches students from age 3 to 18. Students from around 50 nationalities study here. The student faculty ratio is very low. Generally a class in the school has no more than 18 students to promote personal attention.

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