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Is it cheaper to study in the US or Canada?

posted on: September 23, 2022

When one thinks of studying abroad, the names of both Canada and the USA come to mind of an individual. Both of these countries are home to some of the most prestigious educational institutes in the world. Both of these countries are also among the top five countries for international education. Another similarity is their geographical proximity as both of them lie in the northern American continent. So what is it that makes these two countries differ from each other? Well, it's the cost of accommodation and the tuition fees that plays a major role in deciding what country you want to study in. The US and Canada also have different post-graduation work visa rules which you must know before coming to a decision. In terms of application fees, the average application fee is US$45 but some unis charge as much as US$100. In Canada, it varies from as low as CA$30 to as high as over CA$200. When it comes to university fees, Canada charges 40% fewer fees than American universities and on average, the difference is US$4,000. Canada also offers more scholarships and financial aid to students than the USA.


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