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Is math an important subject for high school and university students

posted on: November 28, 2022

Selecting  what subject you want to study in your high school can be a very important decision as it sets down the plan for your further higher level education. You will be able to select programmes in your university on the basis of subjects that you have studied in your high school. A lot of times you would have heard your parents, teachers and educational counselor telling you to select math. Maths is undoubtedly Vaani the most important subject. In a lot of courses across the world, Max is an important subject while selecting a program in university. Here are the requirements that different countries have for their bachelors and masters program-

  • In India, it is compulsory for architecture, chartered accountancy and engineering students to have math as one of their principal subjects in their high school. If not, they are not able to pursue any of these courses. Besides this a lot of other programmes such as BBA, BCom and BCA also require math as a compulsory subject. Having math as one of her core subjects in class 12th also gives you an edge over competitive exams such as CAT.
  • Universities in the UK pay a lot of attention towards the subject you have studied in your high school. It is very important for students who have math as a core subject in high school if they want to pursue programmes in business, architecture, economics, computer science and engineering.
  • Universities in the United States of America are quite liberal and do not reject a student just because he or she didn't have math as one of the primary subjects in their high school. But for prestigious universities like Ivy colleges or Massachusetts Institute of technology it is important to have studied math in your high school.


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