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Is Thailand a good country for international education

posted on: December 01, 2022

Thailand is a very famous tourist destination. It has beautiful beaches and lush green flora and fauna. Nowadays a lot of students have been considering the prospect of going to Thailand for their higher education. The universities are very inexpensive and lately have been improving in their rankings. but is Thailand actually a really good country to study in? For a very long period of time the island was not considered a sport for global education. But now many universities from countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan have been getting global recognition.

The best part about studying in Thailand is a low cost of accommodation and affordable meals. As an international student you will not have to spend tons of money on your program while studying abroad. Since Thailand is a very famous tourist destination, part-time job prospects and restaurants and hotels are always there. Chances are high that you will be able to support your education completely by yourself. It's time that we stop obsessing over European and American universities and start giving Asian universities their due recognition.

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