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Life as an international student in Germany

posted on: October 14, 2022

As we all know that Germany provides free education to all international students. This makes Germany a very affordable option when it comes to international education. One of the best parts about studying in Germany is not just the low tuition fees this year. It is actually the exposure that this country provides to its international students. To apply to a German university you need the following documents-

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • –Transcript,
  • –A summary of courses undertaken by the applicant
  • –An essay on a given topic
  • –A letter of motivation
  • –CV and
  • –An analysis of the curriculum

You are likely to get a scholarship primarily based on your academic qualifications. After that, your extracurriculars might also be taken into consideration. As an international student, you must realize that you have to be culturally embracing in order to not feel isolated. You will meet hundreds of students from different ethnicities and backgrounds and yet if you decide to accept everyone with gratitude, you will not feel like a stranger among them. Always remember that Germany focuses on practical knowledge more than theory. If you have decided to choose Germany as your study abroad destination then you must become a student who doesn't believe in textbook cramming.


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