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MBA specialisation that you can consider as an international student

posted on: October 03, 2022

Choosing your specialization in MBA makes you an expert in that field. It is a great way of ensuring that you are a master in that particular field and then can further explore other corners of a business degree. Having a specialization will also help you in getting higher salaries. Here are the MBA specialization that are most in demand right now-

  • MBA International Business 

This course is very much similar to the conventional basic MBA degree. The only difference is that the curriculum of this course focuses more on international finance, economics, and cross-cultural management. It is a very versatile degree where you will get to learn a lot about different countries and how their economies function.

  • MBA Finance

This is a slightly expensive MBA degree where you can expect to pay around US$170,000 for a two-year degree. But the return on investment is also very high. If you want to pursue this degree with a more affordable fee range then you can enroll yourself in a European university. MBA in finance graduates end up getting selected by the most sought-after companies in the world.

  • MBA in Business Analytics

Optimum utilization of data is very important in the making of a successful business. Everything from your sales to Marketing to strategy making is dependent on how efficiently data is handled. Your performance monitoring is also a consequence of solid data handling skills. This is what an MBA in business analytics teaches you.

  • MBA Marketing

Are you someone who is good at convincing people? An MBA in marketing teaches you professional business strategies to attract more customers to your business and sell them what you want to sell. It is one of the quintessential branches of an MBA.

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