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Myths about application process for the universities on the USA

posted on: October 21, 2022

The American dream Will always be relevant for Indian students. No matter what country comes up in the market of international education, the place of the United States of America is unparalleled. The USA has always been a pioneer in international education. Its centuries-old universities and trailblazing curriculums have attracted students from around the globe. But due to geographical distance, there are a lot of misconceptions about this country. Today we will talk about the myths associated with the application process for universities in the USA-

  • A lot of students think that studying in an international mode like IB will give them an edge over other applicants during the selection process. This is a completely false narrative as the universities of the USA hardly care about what board have opted for in your class 11th and 12th exams. If three students have a similar kind of application then they might come down to the board but generally, it's not a big factor.

  • Another misconception is that the universities of the USA take into account all the test scores of your class 12 exams. This means that not only your final board exams will be taken into consideration but your first term and other unit test exams will also be counted. This is not true as the universities in the US do not believe in multiple exams for one Academic year. This practice is more prevalent in the UK and India. This is why most of the universities in the UK consider all your test scores.

  • SATs and ACTs have become optional according to a recent decision made by universities in the USA. But if you lack in your academic section and extracurriculars then it's advised that you must go for SATs and ACTs. This will provide you a much-needed backing for your application. But if you have a strong overall application with a good academic rate and extracurriculars then you can go on without them.

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