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Myths about letter of recommendation that you will hear

posted on: September 19, 2022

While applying for international universities, you will see that a lot of them require a letter of recommendation from teachers or principals of your previous educational institute. Letter of recommendations are very important as they serve as a proof to validate all the qualities that you have written about in your college application. It helps in serving the purpose of demonstrating you as a genuine candidate who is not forging anything. Here are some myths related to LOR that you may come across-

  • It is generally perceived that grades and your academy report matter the most while applying for a university. The truth is that everything counts equally and has the same amount of importance.
  • Many people undertake the importance of letters of recommendations by thinking that nobody really reads them and they are just for show purposes. The truth is that these letters of recommendation are read thoroughly to assess the student's profile.
  • It is a common belief that a letter of recommendation from some highly authoritative person is impressive and stands out from the rest. This is also not sure. Mostly while going through your letter of recommendation the assessor won't even look at the name of the person who has written the letter. They will just check what they have written and the authenticity that the letter holds.
  • A lot of students collect a pile of letters by thinking that the more letters there will be the better chances of selection are there. This is also not true as quality is always selected above quantity.

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