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Perception of students about online education

posted on: November 21, 2022

After the pandemic, the world of education has drastically changed. With online education becoming the primary source of knowledge, most of the children today are learning new things through different websites and YouTube channels. If you asked somebody five years ago what they thought about the future of online education then they would have probably taken it as a joke. But right now online education seems more relevant then off-line Education.

 One problem that a lot of students have faced in online education is the lack of personal attention. Since these lectures are generally pre-recorded and even if they are being broadcasted live, the educator is not able to focus on each and every student personally. As both the teacher and student are not able to see each other face-to-face the kind of interaction that was possible in off-line education has not been attained as of yet. Due to online education the workload on female students has increased.

Especially the ones who have family and children to look after. During the time when off-line classes were more prevalent they could go out and give all of their time to studies. But now staying at home makes them divide their attention between studying as well as taking care of household chores. Similarly international students have also felt a gap between themselves and the teachers. Due to being alien to the new culture and curriculum, they have difficulty in understanding what is being taught in the class.

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