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Rankings of Greek Universities decline

posted on: April 25, 2022

Greek Universities have slipped from their positions in global university rankings. The University of Athens gained 275th positionThe Aristotle University of Thessalonik which was the second highest ranking Greek university gained 417th place. It has been said that Greek Universities have failed to compete with latest educational innovations and restricted itself to an education system that is very old. While the whole world is progressing and improving every day, Greece on the other hand has failed to make any remarkable change that can be termed as revolutionary or very innovative. So the number of students traveling to Greece for higher studies has not been very high in the past few years. Unlike countries like Ireland that developed their education system from a previously not so famous legacy Greece has been quite stiff with its approach. It is hoped that Greece will be able to make a mark in the field of education very much like it has made in the field of tourism in the coming years.


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