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Reasons why medical students leave medical school

posted on: May 09, 2022

Doctor as a profession is regarded as one of the most prestigious professions. They earn a good amount of money and have a high social standing as well. Even then every year so many students dropout of college. What is it that despite so many positives associated with it students still drop out of their medical schools. One of the biggest reasons is that the majority of these students enter medical schools to fulfill someone else's dreams or under some sort of pressure. In the US around 4% of students who are not in combined degree programs don't graduate with a 6 years of medical school degree. For 2002-2003 through 2012-2013 dual bachelor's degree and M.D. had the highest attrition rate at 4.8% whereas M.D. combined with MBA had the lowest rate. Roughly two third of dropouts didn't leave their studies for academic reasons but because of the inability to handle the material. 


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