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Reasons why you should choose a college in India that accepts the GMAT score

posted on: March 14, 2023

According to recent data, around 1.6 million students from India will spend more than US$1 billion on higher education in 2024. This is the amount of money students are ready to spend on higher education. To get into foreign universities, many students give entrance exams and standardised tests. GMAT is one such exam which is given by students who want to get a business degree in international universities. But now GMAT scores are becoming more popular and are being accepted by many native universities as well. Here are the reasons why you must choose a university or college in India that accepts the GMAT score.

  1. You will not have to spend a lot of money on your education and will get the same facilities by spending less money.
  2. The start-up culture in India is booming, which means that thousands of jobs will be created.
  3. According to data, 60% of the students who take GMAT school tests are able to get into the top business schools of India. So rather than studying in an average international University, it is better to study in one of the top ranking institutes of the country.
  4. The economy of India is booming currently and it is one of the reasons why students must choose to study in India to explore various career opportunities.

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