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Scholarships for Indian students in Russia

posted on: October 29, 2022

India and Russia have always had friendly ties with each other. Both of these neighbouring countries have helped each other in different ways and have always been allies. Russia is very well known for providing medical courses at an affordable price. A lot of students from India go to Russia to pursue medicine when they are not able to get a seat in a government Indian college. Here are some of the scholarships that the Russian government offers to Indian students in various fields.

  • CH Muhammed Koya Scholarship
  • Scholarship
  • Joseph Mundassery Scholarship
  • Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship
  • Vidyasiri Scholarship
  • Sitaram Jindal Scholarship
  • Nikon Scholarship
  • Vivo For Education Scholarship

All of the scholarships are given by the government of Russia and can be applied through online applications. In order to check the eligibility of each of them you might just browse through some information that is available on the internet. Then you will be able to find the deadlines and eligibility criteria for all of these scholarships.

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