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Scholarships for Indian students in the USA

posted on: September 17, 2022

The United States of America has always been the country of dreams for many students. It is one of the most difficult countries to get into and is highly selective. The universities in the US are highly reputed and very expensive as well. A lot of students get accepted into American universities but still don't enroll because of financial issues. Here are the scholarships that Indian students can apply for if they want to study in the US.

  • Harvard University Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by Harvard University which is an Ivy League college. This college looks after all of your needs from your tuition fees to accommodation to other financial needs.

  • MIT Scholarship

Around 60% of the students at MIT are scholars. All the students who submit an application for financial assistance and complete the CSS Profile 01 are automatically eligible for an MIT Scholarship.

  • The Stanford University Scholarship

Stanford is located in California and is one of the top educational institutes in the United States of America. The parameters that Stanford University takes into consideration while offering a scholarship are the size of the family and the family's financial situation.

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