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Scholarships for international students in China

posted on: March 17, 2023

There was a travel ban and border restriction on China for the last three years. Now China has finally lifted the border restrictions and allowed the movement of international students in and out of the country. All the students who are interested in studying in China can now go to Chinese universities. Today we will talk about scholarships offered by the Chinese government to international students.

  1. Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) Type A
  2. Chinese Government Scholarship Type B
  3. Beijing Government Scholarship (BGS)
  4. Shanghai Government Scholarship
  5. Fujian Government Scholarship
  6. Ph.D. in China Fellowship
  7. Joint Research Ph.D. Fellowship
  8. Peking University Scholarship (PKUS)
  9. Silk Road Muduo Scholarship
  10. Schwarzman Scholarship

All of the scholarships of different eligibility criteria as and deadlines. Make sure that you apply for the scholarships considering both the eligibility criteria and their respective deadlines.

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