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Scholarships in the UK you must be aware of if you are planning to go there

posted on: August 01, 2022

Scholarships are something that you must always consider applying for irrespective of the fact that you have your funds arranged or not. Studying cost free is a major advantage as you don't have any liabilities or mortgages to pay and every penny that you earn goes into your pocket. Here are some scholarships which you must consider if you are planning to study in the UK-

  • University Livinguniversities in London

It offers scholarships for students studying in universities in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Coventry, Sheffield, and Leicester. Five scholarships amount for £1000, the other three offered for London based students are for £1000, £1500, and £2500.

  • Edinburgh Global Online Master Scholarship 2022-2023

This university offers scholarships for online masters degree programs,

  • Leverage Edu Scholarship

They have recently announced a scholarship worth Rs 7 crore for Indian students who have excelled in academics. You just have to apply for it, filling in your details and stating why you should get this. 

  • GREAT Scholarships India

Under this Indian students can choose from 20 postgraduate scholarships offered by the British government after meeting their criteria.

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