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Sports scholarship for students in Europe and the UK

posted on: October 11, 2022

Many students must be aware of the sports scholarships that a lot of universities offer. Just like merit scholarships and need-based scholarships, universities also offer sports scholarships. These scholarships are offered to students having national or international achievements in the field of different sports. Many universities in the UK and Europe offer a lot of scholarships like these. Some of the universities offering such sports scholarships are-

  • International Sports Scholarship Programme, University of Stirling

The International Sports Scholarship Programme offered by this university extends financial assistance of up to 5,000 pounds per year. The scholarship is offered to both undergraduate and taught postgraduate students. Some of the major sports preferred by the university for granting scholarships are football (men and women), tennis, triathlon, rugby, golf, swimming, and curling.

  • WLV Sports Scholarship Programme, University of Wolverhampton

This university offers three different kinds of scholarship packages to students which are gold, silver, and bronze. Under each package, there is a specific amount that is allotted to the student which is 500 pounds, 1,000 pounds, and 1,500 pounds. Students have selected the package on the basis of the level they are competing in.

  • Newcastle University

Newcastle is a city that is known for sports. So it's no wonder that the universities here offer scholarships especially for students who are good at sports. Newcastle University offers multiple scholarships to students doing exemplary in sports. It also has a special disability sports scholarship.

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