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Students react on the banning of Pakistani degrees in India

posted on: April 21, 2022

As UGC announced that degrees from Pakistan will no longer be eligible in India and people with these degrees can no longer look for employment legally, there was a mixed reaction on this news. Many consider this as a long overdue move that will serve for the best interest of Indians whereas the others thought that it was a very biased and cynical move by the government of India. Many kashmiri people choose Pakistan over India for pursuing their higher education and this is a topic of major concern for the Indian government. But in their defence all the students studying in Pakistan currently said that if the government considers degrees from other South Asian countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal valid then why do they want to run their careers in particular. Students who have completed their education in last from Pakistan and those who had enrolled before the order was released are yet looking for clarity regarding the topic. 


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