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Studies say that by 2024 almost 1.8 million students from India to go for studying abroad

posted on: September 23, 2022

Indian students make a huge contribution to the education market of the world. Every year thousands of Indian students immigrate from India to foreign countries in order to get an education. Especially after the pandemic, the trend has amplified to a large extent with a lot more students now wanting to study abroad. As of 2021 800000 students were studying abroad. The number is likely to double by 2024 reaching 1.8 million students. Canada, the US, Australia, and the UK are likely to remain the top choices of Indian students to study abroad. One of the top reasons why many students from India want to study abroad is the high-quality education that western countries offer. Students believe that getting top-quality education will promise them a future full of good opportunities. Also, there is a demand and supply gap in the Indian education system where the top institutions of the country do not have enough seats for all of the students. Thus a lot of students were left with no other option but to study abroad. Private institutions in India are equally expensive to study abroad in a university. But studying abroad at a foreign university will give you a lot more exposure and the opportunity to explore. The number of students immigrating to foreign countries for education purposes is likely to rise exponentially through the years.

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