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Three international money transferring services students must know about

posted on: April 09, 2022

Funds are a very integral part of a student's journey specially when he/she  is studying abroad. Even after the tuition fee is paid there are hundreds of other miscellaneous expenses that students have to look after. For this they need a reliable source of money transfer to remain safe from any type of fraud. Students must undertake the factors such as transfer rates, sum of money being transferred, forex rates and reliability of the transaction while deciding the mode of transaction. Western Union is one such money transferring service which has a transfer rate between 1% to 6%. It takes upto five days to transfer money for account based transactions and mobile based transactions can happen between minutes. Remitly is another service where the transfer rate depends upon the sum of the money and the time chosen to transfer the money. Moneygram takes 10 minutes to transfer money if it's done through their cash pickup option. The charges may vary depending upon many factors.


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