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Tips for students planning to study abroad

posted on: October 21, 2022

The decision to study abroad is quite a difficult one. You have to leave your home and family and set for a new adventure. Before taking this major decision there are some tips that you must acknowledge for a better experience. These are-

  • Make an appointment with a study abroad adviser who can guide you through the pros and cons of studying abroad. These people have a deep knowledge of the study abroad spectrum and hence can advise you the best.
  • Do research on the difference between major and minor. Course selection is an important step and it will make or break your future. So it is very important to do a meticulous selection of your majors and minors.
  • Start taking online and offline workshops for study abroad. There are a lot of free workshops and webinars that are conducted online on a daily basis. Keep an eye on these and try to attend as many as possible.
  • If you know a student who has just returned from a foreign university then make a contact with them and try to clear all your doubts. No matter how many books you read and videos you watch, the best idea can be given by a person who has actually experienced that.
  • Plan all your expenses and do budgeting. Figure out if you have to take an education loan and if so then get into the process as fast as you can. Also, update all your IDs and keep all your credentials ready.

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