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Tips to crack your SATs

posted on: May 06, 2022

In order to ace your SATs you have to prepare thoroughly, understand the structure and the complexity level of the exam. Rather than going for coachings and spending thousands on it you can easily prepare at home by following these tips-

  • Choose good books for yourself

Read as many books as you can and solve as many questions as you can. Generally students are well prepared with texts and topics but fumble when it comes to appearing for questions. Attempting questions makes you confident and well prepared as well. 

  • Spend fixed time daily

It is very important for you to develop a strategy and follow that until your exam time. Make sure you give a fixed amount of time daily to your practice.

  • Self Analysis

Take as many quizzes as you can and attempt tests to analyse your performance and growth. 

  • Enroll yourself in online courses

Enroll yourself in online courses because they monitor your performance and analyse your track record. They help you give beneficial strategies and check your tests as well. 

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