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Undergraduate programmes in the UK that are the cheapest

posted on: October 31, 2022

It's a generally perceived notion that studying in the UK is very expensive. The statement is somewhat true as most of the cities in the UK, especially London, come in the most expensive cities of the world. The UK is home to extremely prestigious universities that were established centuries ago. The tuition fees of these universities is also very high. But there are a lot of programmes offered in the universities of the UK that are quite cheap in terms of the tuition fees. Some of the cheap programmes offered in the UK are-

  • Leeds Trinity University

This University was founded in 1960 and has over 7000 international students. It is ranked 86th in the QS world university rankings. This university is a very well-known research institute and is famous in particular for its programme in journalism. On an average the cost of an undergraduate programme irrespective of the field is £12,000 annually.

  • University of Bolton

This is a potential choice for students who want to pursue a career in the television and media industry. They have a lot of traditional as well as vocational courses like in Animation and Illustration, Automotive Performance Engineering, Crime and Criminal Justice, Fashion Photography. The university has around 14,000 students  from over 120 nationalities. The average cost of pursuing an undergraduate programme here is €12,950 per year.

  • York St John University

This university is located in York and has five Academic schools. They make students their first priority which is why the institution is popular among students. On an average tuition fee here is £13,000 per year.

  • University of Cumbria

This university was established somewhat 20 years ago and it has over 10,000 students studying currently in the campus. The university has grown in terms of geographical area as well as the programs that it has been providing in the last couple of years. Currently it offers around hundred undergraduate programs. The annual tuition fee is €13,250.

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