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Universities around the world that offer courses in sustainable mining

posted on: March 16, 2023

Sustainability is a very important concept that the younger generation must learn. Mankind has done a lot of damage to the environment , which is why it is important for the coming generation to take necessary precautions to save the environment. Mining is one such activity that promotes environmental degradation. Here are some innovative, international universities that offer courses in sustainable mining.

  1. Camborne School of Mines

This university has a proper geoscience faculty that offers hi-tech courses in sustainable mining. It is also among the Russell group universities which means it has outstanding facilities when it comes to research.

  1. The Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering

This institute is a part of the University of British Columbia and offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in sustainable mining to international students.

  1. University of Queensland

The sustainable mining program by the University of Queensland is different from other universities because of its dual benefits. The university offers dual degree programmes like bachelor’s in engineering and arts and bachelor’s of engineering and biotechnology.

  1. Colorado School of Mines

The school is totally dedicated to the challenge of sustainability and offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in mining. Students learn how to apply theoretical knowledge and sharpen their skills.

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