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Universities in the UK that teach modern architecture and environment building

posted on: August 02, 2022

Architecture has always been an important part of human civilization. It is proportional to human growth and development. With time we experiment with more complex designs of buildings and skyscrapers. The UK has a lot of universities that teach modern architecture and environment building. Here is a list of them-

  • The University of Wolverhampton

It is famous for its modern take on teaching architecture and has a 12 acres of campus, boasting six ground-floor laboratories, a 125-seater lecture theatre, and one top-floor super studio.

  • Cardiff University

This university believes in solving the current world problem with the aim of sustainability and affordability.

  • London Metropolitan University

It ranked 31st in The Guardian’s Best UK universities for architecture list 2022. It believes in the intellectual, characteristic, and academic enhancement of students.

  • University of Strathclyde

They are famous for their research-based teaching in areas such as sustainability, urbanism, and global cities, architectural design and conservation, construction law, and digital construction.


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