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Universities that gives free laptops and iPads to students

posted on: October 03, 2022

As online education and hybrid modes have made a place for themselves in the education world, the need for gadgets like laptops and iPads are more than ever. They make learning more conducive and effective. But it is right to say that not everyone can afford these expenses. A lot of universities give out freebies to students as a part of their courses. Some of these universities are-

  • Dakota State University (DSU)

This university launched Wireless Mobile Computing Initiative in 2004 where new students are provided with laptops in the fall. Students receive a Lenovo ThinkPad which supports DSU’s learning programs.

  • Delaware State University

Under its Digital StudentUniverse Initiative, new students who have graduated from high school in May 2018 onwards are eligible for 16GB Apple iPad Pro in Space Grey or a 13-inch Macbook Pro.

  • Moravian University

This university gives an iPad Pro and MacBook Pro to all its new students upon their admission into the university.

  • University of Minnesota Crookston

This was the first American educational institute to start this tradition of offering free electronic gadgets to its students in 1993. It has continued this tradition since then without any break.

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