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Useful sites to save money as an international student

posted on: September 20, 2022

College books are extremely expensive already and every year there is a fixed rise in the price as well. Other than the price, the weight of these books is also quite heavy and thus their mobility is pretty less. Whether it's your environmental concern or saving money, we all can find one or the other reason to prefer e-books over paper books. Here are some websites that offer e-books to students for free.

  • FreeBookSpot

This website has 4,485 titles in 96 categories. Here you can find books related to engineering, computer science, maths, and even fiction. You don't even need any registration for the same.

  • Library Genesis

This is one of the largest websites where you can find books of all kinds. It has a huge catalog where books of almost all disciplines are available. Other than that you can also find books for leisure reading.

  • Mobilism

Mobilism is not a website but a forum where people can upload whatever ebooks they have. It is like an online public library that accepts donations of books. The chances of not finding what you're looking for are very slim here because it has thousands of e-books available.

  • Project Gutenberg

This is especially for students who want to read fiction. The website was created by volunteers who believed in offering free services to students who are struggling financially. The interface of the website is quite easy to use and humanities students will love the variety of books that this website has for them to offer.

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