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Using ChatGPT may lead to your Visa getting cancelled

posted on: March 17, 2023

ChatGPT is a powerful AI tool that has become very popular since its introduction in the market. It is very useful for school and university students to help them with their assignments. But many students have started using this chatbot to give their exams and do their assignments completely with its help. As a result, many universities in K-12 schools have started imposing bans on the use of Chat GPT. The Los Angeles Unified School District has banned the site and no one will be able to use it from now on.

 A spokesperson from the University of Bristol has said that if any student is found using ChatGPT in assignments and tests then it will be considered cheating. In serious cases, a student might be expelled from the university if caught cheating. So international students must be very careful while using ChatGPT. Most of the students are advised not to use ChatGPT for assignments on examination. If found cheating, their visa can also be cancelled.

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