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What are college majors and minors?

posted on: October 28, 2022

Selecting a major and minor discipline during their program is a very western concept. A major discipline in your program is the most important part whereas a minor is often complementary and has lesser weightage than a major. It lets you explore other possibilities in your life in terms of your career. Majors is the primary focus of your whole curriculum around which your program will revolve. You will have a lot of exams and assignments related to majors that will be reflected in your annual scores. The credit hours required for majors are 30 credits hours. Whereas for minors it's just 18 credit hours. But given the fact that minors may seem like a less important part of the program than majors, we should not ignore their importance of it. It's almost like the extracurriculars and data required to boost up your CV. Employers generally look at minors to analyze your performance. It is a way to put forward your skill set besides your study interests. This is why you must choose your minors with a lot of precision as they might end up dictating your future.


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