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What is a TESL degree?

posted on: March 17, 2023

Many students from English speaking countries go to European and other non-English speaking countries to teach English. But for that it is important to have degrees from standardised tests other than your regular University degrees. You might have heard of TOEFL which is the language proficiency test. But what is TESL and how can it help you with your English teaching career? TESL stands for teaching English as a secondary language. It is more than just an English test and can help you with your career a lot more than other language tests.

TESL teaches you how to teach English as a language to the people who do not know how to speak or write in it. It also focuses on different methodologies of the English language. This includes phonetics, grammar and speech. There are many people around the world who can speak in English, but not many know how to teach English to other people. A degree in TESL teaches you how to teach English to other people with proper techniques. It can accelerate your career in the field of teaching.

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