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What to choose between the UK and Europe for a cheaper MBA?

posted on: November 16, 2022

Both the UK and Europe are known for their prestigious universities. But there is a lot of difference between the kind of educational curriculum that they follow and tuition fees. Also the cost of accommodation in both of these regions is very different. The UK is more towards the expensive side when it comes to the cost of education. Thankfully both of these countries have universities that offer an MBA program on budget.

MBA in Europe

Europe is home to some of the best management schools and universities such as IMD, INSEAD and Copenhagen Business School. On an average you can expect to pay around US$35,800 for a business degree. On top of it the cost of application in majorly all the universities can cost you somewhere around US$100.The University of Cologne Business School offers free of cost education to everyone irrespective of their country of origin. European universities also offer a lot of scholarships and grants to international students in order to release their financial burden.

MBA in the UK

The universities of the UK are world renowned for their high ranking and alumni network. A lot of MBA programmes from the universities of the UK are ranked among the top business programmes of the world. It is impossible to find a university in the UK that will be able to offer you an MBA program for free of cost. Obviously a lot of universities offer scholarships and grants to international students through which their programmes can be sponsored. But these universities do not sponsor the programs of all the students. Only four or five students at maximum were selected from one single batch. On an average you can expect to pay somewhere around 15,002 £18,000 for a business degree.

The conclusion is that the universities in the UK charge a higher amount then that of the universities in Europe.

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