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Why are funds a major roadblock in international study?

posted on: April 21, 2022

International education is meant to be expensive. Not just the living and tuition fees expenses but there are thousands of other expenses which makes the whole criteria so heavy on the pocket. Mostly students go for bank loans. Now as easy as they might sound, getting a bank loan is not a cakewalk. Banks look into a lot of parameters before giving you the loan for eg the reputation of your institute, the employability, the amount you are seeking and the alumni placement records. Even after you clear all these requisites, the local branch of your city may disapprove your loan for a reason as small as not offering loans to a particular course or not giving loans above a particular margin. There are a lot of difficulties involved with paperwork and collateral. Even if you get the education loan, most of them only cover your tuition fees  and accommodation as well sometimes. So you would have to arrange funds for other expenses like travelling and food etc yourself.


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