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Why are Indian students facing the problem of unemployment in Canada?

posted on: March 16, 2023

In 2023, Canada is expected to receive more than 750,000 international students. Canada is becoming a very popular study abroad destination with time as it has universities which are highly ranked yet they do not charge a lot of tuition fees. Most of all it is an English speaking country, which is why most of the international students choose to come here and study. but due to such heavy migration of international students to Canada, the country has not been able to keep up with the demands.

There is a shortage of living options and other related accommodative facilities for international students. Also due to the ongoing recession, bank rates have increased interest. As a result, many Indian students in Canada are facing a problem of unemployment. In an area like Toronto, where the job opportunities are generally very high, students are not able to find part-time and full-time jobs. Many students have to now borrow money from their home and sustain the date to day expenses. 

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