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Why is Italy the next best destination for study abroad in Europe?

posted on: October 14, 2022

The name Italy strikes the images of great art, delicious food, and beautiful architecture in your mind. Italy has always been a popular tourist destination because of the abundance of natural beauty that this country has been gifted with. It is also home to some of the most influential and oldest universities in the world. For a very long period of time, it was outside other European countries like England, Ireland, and the Netherlands, etc. But now people have realized the prominence of its country and its potential as a study-abroad destination. One of the major reasons is the high quality of education that this country offers in the field of art and music. Italy has always been a country that has appreciated art more than anything else in the world. But now it has also started offering premium quality programs in the technical field as well. This symbolizes that Italy has become versatile and is keeping up with the trend of the world. Your course selection will be very very versatile if you study at an Italian university. Most of the programs taught in Italian universities use English as a language of communication. This means that there is no language barrier and you don't have to learn Italian before coming to Italy. The best part about studying in this beautiful country is the low cost of accommodation and education. It is extremely budget-friendly and won't put you in debt. It also provides a post-study extended Visa of 12 months.

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