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Why is the UAE becoming a global hub for students?

posted on: April 11, 2022

Contrary to the present popular tradition where UAE has acquired its position in the top hotspots for international students, a few years ago it used to be nowhere on the list. Initially being a prominent exporter of students to countries like the USA, the UK and Canada it hardly had any acclaimed institutions. But for the past several years the world has witnessed exponential growth in the education sector of India. The country worked on both quality and quantity aspects and gained a position like no other. At present just Dubai itself is home to 34 universities that offer around 600 programs across different fields. All the credit goes to the initiatives taken by the government in making sure that there is multi-faceted progress. New policy reforms have made the country more accommodating and friendly. It has also come out as a new knowledge hub and profited a lot from its online courses and degrees.


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