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World international student’s day celebrated globally on 17th November

posted on: November 16, 2022

17th November is celebrated as the world international students day in the honor of all the students studying far from their home. Initially it was celebrated as a tribute to all the students who died during World War II in Prague. This highlights the importance of education as well as the importance of students in our world.

As we know, being an international student comes with its fair share of troubles and problems. You have to stay far from your family and manage things on your own. A student who is studying in foreign country is subjected to a lot of mental as well as physical pressure. At times there are feelings of acute alienation and even depression. But a student has to fight all of this on her own in order to make the full use of the opportunity that she is provided with.

University is a new and vulnerable experience for all the students but the stakes are higher for international students. This is because they are managing cultural shock,living on their own, managing expenses and trying to amalgamate with the new surroundings or by themselves.

This day is a reminder to celebrate the war that all international students fight on a daily basis with themselves and against the new environment that they were subjected to. All the international students staying far from their home, we just want to say that you are doing great and the future has some amazing opportunities in store for you.

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