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Q. What is the main USP of Loyola University Chicago?

Because of Loyola's unique position in Chicago, students have many possibilities to make a difference in their neighborhood. The best thing Loyola has to offer is a combination of education and location that allows students to think globally while acting locally. The ethnic diversity of Loyola University contributes to its status as a Chicago institution.

Q. What is the ranking of Loyola University Chicago?

  • According to US News & world report colleges ranking Loyola University Chicago is ranked 104th among national universities in the USA. 
  • Loyola is frequently listed in U.S. News "Best Value" and "A-plus Schools for B Students" lists. Loyola was named 6th among "colleges most committed to community service" by USA Today in 2011. 
  • Washington Monthly ranked Loyola 21st in the nation for hours of community service.

Q. What is Loyola University Chicago Spokane famous for?

Loyola University Chicago is famous for its research and teaching. It is one of the top public universities.

Q. Is Chicago a large city?

Chicago has a large geographical area, so it is certainly a large city.

Q. What’s the weather like around Loyola University Chicago?

Chicago has a humid continental climate with scorching summers. Each of the four seasons is well-represented: Summers are hot and humid, with temperatures being hotter inland, and spring and fall bring bouts of both cool and warm weather, as well as fairly sunny skies. Winters are cold, with frequent snow and wind-chill temperatures near 0 °F (18 °C), while summers are warm and humid, with temperatures being hotter inland. Chicago's annual precipitation is modest and equally distributed, with the driest months being January and February and the wettest months being July and August. The surrounding presence of Lake Michigan has an impact on Chicago's weather in all four seasons.

Q. How many students study at Loyola University Chicago?

The total number of students at Loyola University Chicago Spokane is 16,437.

Q. Who are the top alumni of Loyola University Chicago?

The notable alumni of Loyola University Chicago include-

  • Leslie David Baker
  • Ian Brennan
  • Susan Candiotti 
  • Shams Charania 
  • William M. Daley 
  • Timothy J. Danis 
  • David Draiman 
  • Norman Geisler
  • Lori Greiner 
  • Joseph C. Grendys
  • George Halas 
  • Jr Neil F. Hartigan 
  • Donte Ingram  
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Bruce Lerman 
  • Weill Cornell 
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