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Apply for July Intake to Study in Australia for International Students

Why Study in Australia?

Australia is more affordable than many other countries and offers a high standard of education and quality living. It also has a diverse culture and a tolerant society. The universities and institutes in Australia rank among the world’s best and the quality of education offered by them are also very high.

Master’s courses in Australia have a duration of 1, 1.5 to 2 years. Australian education is recognised worldwide from America to New Zealand. High Standard of education and excellent research facilities are available with state-of-the-art equipment. Visa process is straightforward and fair. All these qualities make Australia a desirable study destination.

What is July Intake in Australia?

Australia usually has two intakes, February and July. A few Universities offer multiple intakes in September and November as well. Universities take around 4-6 weeks to process the applications for the July intake Australia.

Application for July intake in Australia

When to apply for July intake in Australia? Ideally, it is advisable to apply at least a few months before the deadline in for a hassle-free application process. April 2019 to May 2019 would be the best time to apply for July intake for Australia. Australia July intake deadline 2019-20 is approaching, and it is high time students start working on their application.

What courses are available Under Graduate and Graduate Level for July Intake?

•    Doctoral Degree

•    Master’s Degree

•    Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate

•    Bachelor’s Degree

•    TAFE Certificate III and IV

•    Undergraduate Diploma and Advanced Diploma

•    Associate Diploma and Australian Quality Framework Diploma

Many Courses Under Humanities, Education, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Arts, health sciences, Bachelor of Nursing, Masters of business administration, and tourism are available for the July intake in Australia.

What universities are available for July Intake in Australian Universities?

•    The Australian National University

•    The University of Melbourne

•    The University of Sydney

•    The University of New South Wales

•    The University of Queensland

•    Monash University

•    University of Western Australia

•    The University of Adelaide

•    University of Technology Sydney

•    Macquarie University

Australia July Intake Deadline

Australia July intake deadline is as follows.

Semester 1 (February intake) - October-November

Semester 2 (July intake)- April-May

How our GTU Admission Consultants can help you find the right University?

 -FREE counselling by our dedicated admission consultants.

-We will help you choose the right universities, programs and destinations.

-Guidance on academic and entry requirements, costs, deadlines and documents needed.

-Submission of Applications and fast turnaround time to get your offer letter.

-Identify scholarship opportunities and available discounts

-Accommodation and visa guidance

How to Apply?

Call us on +971 42428518 to Schedule a FREE counselling session with our consultant.


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