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Imperial College ranked sixth best in the world

Posted on: June 07, 2022

For the QS World University Rankings 2023, Imperial College London has improved by one rank by being placed as sixth best university in the world. It has also been awarded with an additional certificate of recognition for “internationalisation” for its worldwide impact and social connections. Other achievements of the college include best ever results in the UK's Research Excellence Framework(REF). It also received the Queen's Prize for its excellent work during the time of pandemic and was also named the University of the Year by Times. Professor Alice Gast who is the president of the Imperial College London says that the reason why the university performs consistently well is because of their global outlook.


Italian government is offering scholarships

Posted on: June 07, 2022

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is offering aid to students and Italian citizens living abroad for the 2022/23 academic year. This is meant to increase international and cultural cooperation. This will be offered to students attending courses within Italy. Several grants will be offered to students for a span of six to nine months. This includes-

  • Master’s Degree (Laurea Magistrale
  • Courses of Higher Education in Arts, Music, and Dance (AFAM)
  • Ph.D. program
  • Research projects under academic supervision

UK government didn't include any African universities in its high potential visa' list

Posted on: June 06, 2022

The UK recently made an announcement regarding starting a new high potential visa' for students from the top universities of the world. These students will get to stay in the UK for upto three years post their studies for work purposes. This new visa scheme has come under the radar for not being inclusive to the universities from different parts of the world. The university list just consisted of elite universities from the developed countries of the world like the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Very few Asian universities and no African universities at all were included in the list. The visa will allow students to stay back and make the best allocation of their skills. Students from the underdeveloped parts of the world need support like this the most and they are the ones suffering deprivation. This scheme works on the same agenda of making the rich richer and the poor poorer.


Everything you must know about a gaming degree

Posted on: June 06, 2022

Games are very popular among children and even young adults. Now with time games have gotten over the age boundaries and have become excessively famous among people of all age groups. Since the demand for games has increased so much, the career options have also widened up in this field. Pursuing a gaming decree combined with graphics and technology can be a deal breaker for students. University of Southern California offers games program degrees for bachelors and masters level. Games can be played on a number of devices now including phones, PC and tablets. Some of the roles that gaming companies look for are-

  • Artist or animator
  • Audio engineer
  • Creative director
  • Database or data manager
  • Game designer
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Play tester
  • Producer
  • Programmer or software developer
  • User experience designer
  • Technical support specialist or manage

London based organisation shortlists Indian education institutions for awards

Posted on: June 06, 2022

An organisation based in London which helps Indian students in assisting them with their needs and problems as an international student. It also catered help during the lockdown. They have now decided to hold an awarding ceremony for Indian institutes. The National Indian Students and Alumni Union (NISAU) UK is nominated in three categories: Association of the Year, Student Support Award and Outstanding Contribution to the Industry for its founder and chair Sanam Arora. Universities UK International is also in the nominated categories.Delhi's LeverageEdu is a finalist in two categories of Digital Innovation of the Year (Technology) for its Study Abroad with LeverageEdu App and International Student Recruitment Organisation of the Year for its career guidance work.


World's best ever school shortlists five Indian schools

Posted on: June 06, 2022

World's best ever school has been launched for the first time in the UK and will be awarded USD 250000. 5 schools from Indian students have been shortlisted in the top 10 shortlists among different categories. SVKM's CNM School in Mumbai and SDMC Primary School in Lajpat Nagar III in New Delhi have been named in the top 10 shortlist for World's School Prize for Innovation. Khoj School of Mumbai and PCMC English Medium School, Bopkhel in Pune are among top 10 schools. The rankings assessed the performance of schools during the pandemic period and how they were able to overcome obstacles that came in the way of learning.


How to write an impactful MBA resume?

Posted on: June 06, 2022

An applicant must understand that writing a resume for an MBA application is very different from one you would write for a job application specific to some industry. So one must understand that there are certain things which need to be left out while framing the resume. Students of MBA must be versatile as a business degree requires you to do a lot of things. Technical skills don't contain much weightage here and your communication and persuasion competencies are more important. So a business school application must include your leadership qualities and places where you lead a certain group. Foreign language skills, international travel and time living abroad are also important for a business school. As confidence is the key here, experiences like these enhance the experience of the person and make him/her more confident. 


Five additional costs that you must be aware as an international student

Posted on: June 04, 2022

While calculating the total amount of expenses before travelling abroad one may miss out on a lot of other miscellaneous or hidden expenses. But these expenses are indispensable and unavoidable. Researching this in advance makes you prepared for the upcoming unforeseen expenses in advance. A good way of estimating the expenses is by digging the university website regarding medical costs, books, insurances and other such things. Admission counselors can also offer great help during these situations. These have a good sense of calculation and can give you a vivid idea of everything. Pre-departure costs like application fee, visa fee and tickets etc must be kept in mind. Premium for medical insurance and external coaching costs is also a thing.


Top destination for Indian students to study abroad according to latest data

Posted on: June 04, 2022

When Indian students think of moving abroad to study, their top priorities include the US, UK and Canada. These are some of the most conventional choices for Indian students. But according to the latest data, the top-10 universities to study engineering and technologies are in the US, UK, Singapore, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. For technical courses the US is the best option whereas for arts and humanities, the UK is a more reliable option. Universities like the University of New South Wales, The University of Melbourne, Monash University  make Australia also a good option for students. Australia, Canada and the USA are good options for employees whereas countries like Germany and Singapore are good for completing your education. Singapore is famous for management degrees and France on the other hand provides amazing courses in literature and fashion.


Major scholarships and internship opportunities for Indian students to look in June

Posted on: June 04, 2022

Scholarships are a form of relief for students. They help in reducing the financial anxiety of students. A lot of times many students are unable to avail this opportunity because of lack of information. To know what is happening around you is very important. Here are some major scholarships which you must be aware of that are going to be available from the month of June. UNSTOPPABLE KARKE DIKHAUNGI ATHLETE SCHOLARSHIP 2022-23 is for the girls of the country who dream of achieving something big in the sports universe. QUAD FELLOWSHIP 2022 is an opportunity by SCHMIDT Futures (a philanthropic initiative of Schmidt Family Foundation. DR. REDDY'S FOUNDATION SASHAKT SCHOLARSHIP 2022 is a scholarship that aims at promoting young women across the country to do something in the field of science.


US embassy to interview more student applicants than previous year

Posted on: June 04, 2022

The United States of America gives a huge importance to international students. The reason is pretty obvious as these comprise a huge section from the economy of America. On Tuesday 'Student Visa Day was celebrated by The United States Embassy Charge D’Affaires Patricia Lacina said that the United States of America gives a lot of importance to international students. This is very much true for the context of India as India students make up for the second largest group of international students in the United States of America. He also said that this year onwards they will be interviewing more candidates for the student visas than they did before. 


Questions you must the International students Office

Posted on: June 04, 2022

There are around 4000 universities and colleges in the whole of America. Being able to decide which college you want to study in can be confusing. Most of these colleges and universities have international students' offices where you can call and ask your queries. Some of the questions that you must ask are -

  • Classes availability and the versatility of classes available. This is important for you to know as you can compare it with other universities and it makes the whole process a lot easier.
  • Ask about scholarships and financial reliefs that students are offered. Generally universities offer scholarships on the basis of merit, sports achievements, financial status or to particular groups.
  • Ask about accommodation options that are available for students. If there is on-campus accommodation and whether the university helps in providing off-campus accommodation. 

Germany offered scholarships to 29000 students in 2021

Posted on: June 03, 2022

During the last year Germany offered scholarships to 3% more students than it did last year. According to data, around 29000 students received a scholarship in 2021. Back in 2018-19 around 27200 students received a scholarship. 471,600 new applications enrolled in the higher level universities of Germany in 2021. The Federal Statistical Office also informed that the number of students attending extra courses in the country also increased. Germany is a huge education giant in Europe and is famous for offering free or education at very little expense for students. Some popular scholarships offered by Germany are-

  • DAAD Scholarship Programs
  • 2. Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarships in Germany
  • 3. DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship Programme
  • 4. Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships in Germany for International Students
  • 5. Erasmus Scholarship Programs in Germany
  • 6. The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship

Western Australian government to invest AUD 41.2 million in international education

Posted on: June 03, 2022

The Western Australian government has decided to invest AUD 41.2 million in international education on scholarships and financial aid for internet students. International education is a major sector for Western Australia the McGowan Government wants to introduce the best possible strategies possible for them. High achieving students will be attracted to the country through The Premier's University Scholarships, worth a total of AU$2 million over four years, will provide funding for 10 one-year scholarships valued at AU$50,000 each per annum. A lot of other strategies including AU$1 million for the provision of a familiarisation program and AU$400,000 for school encouragement programs. 


How to secure an overseas scholarship just after your 12th class?

Posted on: June 03, 2022

There are many students throughout the world that are suffering from rampant poverty that hampers their ability to study and rise above the circle of poverty. There are many scholarships that are offered by the Indian government to promote education among all financial groups, these are-

  • Kishor Vigyanik Protsahan Yojna
  • Pradhan mantri scholarship scheme
  • Pragati scholarship scheme
  • Shindler English minds scholarship

Most of these scholarships are meant for students of almost all streams and provide monthly or yearly finances to students. Only students who come from humble backgrounds are available for it. Each scholarship has its own requisites that students must fulfill in order to be eligible for the scholarship.

Reasons why your UK post study visa keeps getting rejected

Posted on: June 03, 2022

A UK post study visa gives you the opportunity to live in the UK after completing your education after completing your education. This can open an ocean of opportunities for students in terms of work and settling options. There are many students whose work visa keeps getting rejected. One of the major reasons is applying for the visa before completing the course of your degree course. As there is always a possibility of you failing your course, your visa is not issued. Sometimes the academic requirements are not fulfilled. So to avoid that students must take extra help if required. Also the students who have not seeked for a visa extension during their course tenure because of any issues that they might have faced are also rejected. Technically all the applicants must seek an extension of six weeks to a month before applying for a visa. Another reason is that the student sends the application from outside the UK. If the student is genuinely interested then she/he must apply during their tenure in the UK. 


All the updates about the Newzealand post study visa

Posted on: June 03, 2022

Newzealand has revised it's terms and conditions for post study work visas and a lot of changes have been made. As the borders will be fully opened for international students from 31st July 2022, the changes are anticipated to bring a lot of implications on students. The students with degree level education will be preferred for work visa who have better skills and qualifications. Non-degree international students will be able to obtain a post study work visa only if the profession they want to practice is on the green list. The green list includes 85 preferred occupations by international students. International students will have to submit more funds than before as a proof of their paying capacity. All these changes are expected to bring a healthy outcome for the economy of Newzealand.


Debt of Corinthian College students wiped out

Posted on: June 02, 2022

As the debate regarding waiving of the student debts is getting heated, a step further towards has been taken by the Biden government. They have addressed the Corinthian College fraud scandal that happened a decade ago. Students were cheated on by this college and after ten years of this incident, $5.8 billion for more than 560,000 borrowers have been waived off. This is the largest amount of single debt ever that has been forgiven. Vice President Kamala Harris said that this was a historic decision and justice has yet again prevailed. During elections Biden as a candidate expressed his desire to cancel the debt of USD 10000 per person if he became the president. During the pandemic, Donald Trump freezed the debt payments and Joe Biden has since then kept the cancellation intact, whilst looking for a more permanent solution.


Tips for students to complete college application on time

Posted on: June 02, 2022

The art of applying to colleges is a necessary skill to learn. One must know how and when to apply to a particular college. Timing and awareness is very necessary to avoid any mistakes. Here are some tips to ensure that you are on the right track-

  • Start preparing early and get to know about the deadlines and requisites. If there's anything that is missing, you will still have enough time to make sure that everything is complete and as per requirements.
  • Make a complete timeline of where and when you have to apply. Written plans are always better.
  • Ask for a letter of recommendation from your teachers early on because on the spot there might be some difficulty.
  • Start preparing for your essay and practice it more and more before you reach the final sample. 
  • Give yourself time. Slowly and steadily make sure that nothing is left out and you have tried your best to put across an application that is best in all aspects.

Ways to incorporate social emotional learning in schools

Posted on: June 02, 2022

Teaching social emotional learning in schools ensures the overall emotional building of a student's emotional character. Introduction of emotional awareness early on makes it more internalised in a child. Many schools start this process from kindergarten and they focus on majorly five skills- self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making. Now these skills are taught in schools to different age groups through methods that are appropriate according to their age. For example in kindergarten students learn to describe themselves and their characteristics. They learn to label their feelings and learn how to accept staying away from home. By the time they reach fifth standard, they learn about how to communicate and vent their negative feelings, using calming strategies and avoiding bullying and stereotypes. High school students tend to be the most difficult group to deal with in these situations. 


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