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Boys are more likely to fail and repeat their classes than girls

Posted on: April 06, 2022

According to a recent survey by UNESCO in 130 countries, it was found that boys were more likely to fail and repeat their classes in primary education than girls. A report called ‘Leave No Child Behind: Global report on boys’ disengagement from education.’ The same report also revealed that around 13 crores 20 lakh boys are unable to complete their primary and middle schooling. It was also revealed that across 57 countries boy students of the ten-year age group were lacking behind immensely from girl students of the same age group. According to the report, the major reason why students are unable to complete their education is because of factors like punishment, strictness, homework and other reasons such as working to support their family etc.

Global schools to start their India phase

Posted on: April 06, 2022

India is progressively becoming the top choice for many international schools now. Millfield England School which was opened for an Indian king’s sons has decided to come back to its inception place. UK’s school The UK Harrow School has also partnered with Amity Education Group to open a new international school in Bengaluru called Harrow International School. Another school called Rutgers Prep School which is an American school that has partnered with Edovu Ventures has planned to open four American Eduglobal Schools by 2023 across Lucknow, Gurugram, Ghaziabad and Jaipur. All these schools are currently conducting their research and trying to figure out the best possible strategies. 

Everything about the new big ed-startup: Moodle

Posted on: April 06, 2022

Moodle is a Perth based software made by Martin Dougiamas which was first launched back in 2001. He ran his business with the ideology of keeping it free to attract more consumers. Since 2001 it has attracted around 311 million users globally. He focuses on the importance of keeping the software open-sourced and how it is feasible in long run in running a successful business. The global reach of Moodle has expanded to the enrollment of 1.7 billion students across 243 countries. The company works with 108 partners that look after software hosting, app integration, customization, analytics and consultation services for clients.

IIT Kharagpur one of the top global institutes

Posted on: April 05, 2022

According to the QS World Rankings, IIT Kharagpur is one of the top universities in the world for engineering. The university has climbed up to 37th position in 2022 from its previous 44th position in 2021 in mining and mineral engineering and 80th in 2022 from 90th in 2021 in electrical and electronic engineering. Overall its ranked 3rd in India and 101st globally among engineering colleges. It was placed first in operational and statistics research and second in mineral and mining engineering. The director of IIT Kharagpur said that the reason why it stands among the other IITs is because of its inter-disciplinary courses.

Millions of children in Africa are missing out on education

Posted on: April 05, 2022

The condition of education in Africa is very disappointing. The gender ratio of students studying for exams is almost equal with 50.90% of students being male and 49.10 % of students being female. Kenya has been working to achieve the goal of basic education for all and has set targets for itself. Like Kenya, many other African countries have also set goals for themselves until 2025. Kenya aims to achieve its school attendance to 86.7%. by 2030. Setting these targets will help these countries in getting towards their goals faster and will also help in analyzing their performance.

Landmark Britain's inclusive strategy introduced by Britain

Posted on: April 05, 2022

The government has introduced its landmark Britain inclusive strategy to tackle the problems of racial discrimination in the Uk and ensure fairness across the country. The UK is the home to many immigrants and annually many people from other countries face the issue of racism. The strategy includes 70 actions to tackle the problem of racism in the country which includes support for children who are at a higher risk of getting bullied because of their race, a new model history curriculum to impart the understanding of different ethnicities among students and taking required actions on the pay gaps because of the ethnicities. 

The University of Sydney joins 21 university network

Posted on: April 05, 2022

The University of Sydney has joined a network of 21 universities that aims to collaborate on research and education to benefit each other. The network includes universities like the University of Delhi India, University of Dublin, Lund University in Switzerland, UC Davis in the US, Glasgow and Eden University in the UK, Fudan University in China and many more. The network will give the faculty of all the universities to share their experiences and give each other additional knowledge. The students will be able to interact with their peers from different universities across different countries and even avail study exchange programs and other opportunities like internships. 

How Covid 19 became a global learning crisis?

Posted on: April 04, 2022

It is an acknowledged fact that covid 19 had a multi-faceted impact on the globe. Not only did people go through a health crisis, but they also lost their jobs, went through financial strains and so much more. The effect of a pandemic on education was huge and so penetrative that there has been a permanent shift in the education system that will remain for years. To compensate for the loss of actually being in classrooms and studying, a virtual model of teaching was introduced. But everything wasn’t as proper as it seems like. Because of the pandemic schools across the globe were closed for roughly two years. All the people including teaching and other staff didn’t receive their salaries or received a part of it for the longest time. Although virtual classes were introduced, students who didn’t have internet access or didn’t have mobile phones could not attend the classes and thus missed out on them. Countries that didn’t have a strong strategy to combat the pandemic failed profoundly in providing satisfactory education to their students. The recovery will take some years and countries are helping each other in bridging the gap.

The sports team of UTA gets featured in State department marketing

Posted on: April 04, 2022

The University of Texas has used a brilliant strategy to use the fame of its esports program to attract international students to come to their university for higher education. The university officials said that they understood the prominence of esports and its influence over people. The University of Texas at Arlington has the largest sports arena in the whole of North America. This combined with their widely celebrated esports team can become a major highlight for the UTA. An official video has also been made which has been marketed to students from China. The university plans on making the video into several other languages as well to ensure a larger reach.

First, ever Jal scholarship announced by Rishihood University

Posted on: April 04, 2022

Rishihood University which is a social impact-based university in Sonipat announced the first-ever Jal scholarship on the occasion of World Water Day. Under the scholarship seed District-based, water change leaders across 750 districts will be implemented. According to World Bank India has 18 per cent of the total population but only per cent of the world’s water resources. Jal fellowship aims at making people and leaders find solutions that make sustainable solutions for the water-related crisis. The scholarship also aims at understanding the needs of the ecosystem in the context of education, healthcare, entrepreneurship and public leadership. The fellowship requires everyone to contribute at a civil level as well as a government level. The curriculum of the scholarship is spread over 40 weeks which includes 8 weeks of classroom training and 32 weeks of fieldwork in everyone’s respective districts. 

University of Sydney and HammondCare to announce a collaboration with each other

Posted on: April 04, 2022

The University of Sydney and HammondCare which happens to be a dementia and palliative charity organization have announced their partnership for research, social impact and education. Both the organizations have highlighted the role of research in informing evidence-based, best practice care in health and aged care. The aim is to build a relationship-based health care system for people with complex needs and provide them with customized healthcare services. The collaboration is likely to bring life-changing research projects out of which many are already being worked upon including National Health and Medical Research Council-funded Partnership Project that was led by Professor Yun-Hee Jeon. The collaboration will also benefit students who are studying at the University of Sydney in their research work. 

College students discover ways to handle the lockdown

Posted on: April 04, 2022

Students in Shanghai have been coping with lockdown for a long time. The city has been imposing lockdowns at infrequent intervals for quite a while now, so students have got accustomed to it and have found new ways to maintain their mental health and remain busy even in lockdown. Many students use their extra time for recreational activities such as watching movies, exercising, listening to songs or practising their hobbies. Many universities even organized a balcony music festival in which all the students would come to their balconies and play music. Some students would also sing songs and some would set up karaoke.

To promote education in J&K ICAI signs MoU with J&K

Posted on: April 02, 2022

In order to promote commerce education among the students of Jammu and Kashmir, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has signed an MoU with the Directors of School Education, Kashmir. The Memorandum of Understanding which has been signed for a period of five years was signed in a meeting held with the principals of Kashmir valley. ICAI has announced a fee waiver of 75% for students from the territory of Jammu and Kashmir for all CA courses. According to the memorandum ICAI wants the talent of J&K to be able to access great opportunities in the field of commerce and that is why they are promoting it in the schools.

Free education to girls whose family income is less than 1.8 lakhs

Posted on: April 02, 2022

Chief Minister of Haryana Mr Manohar Lal Khattar has announced that the state government will be providing free education to girls whose family income is less than 1.8 lakhs. In his statement, Khattar said that free education will be provided to girls till post-graduation. Additionally, the government has been establishing institutes within every 20kms so that girls don’t have to travel larger distances. Free bus passes have been given to girl students to travel a distance up to 150kms.

Portal for UGC fellowship and scholarship opens

Posted on: April 02, 2022

Fellowship Management Portal and the University Grant Commission have enabled the portal to file for all the pending legacy cases. The extension is given till 31st April 2022. No other excuses will be taken after this date. The website further stated ‘Legacy cases refer to the beneficiaries for whom the fellowship/scholarship was being paid to the host universities/colleges/institutions. The fellowship from 1.07.16 and onwards for such candidates will be disbursed through UGC SFMP once data is entered through legacy options.’

CBSE students demand postponing extra attempts of JEE Mains

Posted on: April 02, 2022

JEE Mains is one of the most competitive exams in India. It is a nationwide criterion to get into prestigious engineering and science institutes. This year students who are attempting for class 12 CBSE board exams are in a great fix as the class 12th exams are clashing with JEE Mains exam both of which will be held from April-May. Initially, there used to be only one annual JEE Mains exam but with time the attempts have increased from 2 and now the count is 4. Generally, CBSE conducts its exams during Feb-March but this year the delay is causing a problem for students who are now asking for a solution.

Global Education leaders explore modern learning and curriculum in Cajon Valley

Posted on: April 01, 2022

On the 4th of April around 200 superintendents, education policymakers, leaders, futurists and university leaders toured the eleven Cajon Valley Schools. The people who visited the schools included institutes. Over the years Cajon Valley Union School District has served as the host to many district leaders and innovators from around the world which looks forward to bridging the gap between formal education and Career Development in the World of Work. Cajon Valley Union School District is vocal about its support for the diverse community that works under the guidance of a modern curriculum and a vision that is oriented towards keeping kids healthy, happy and future-ready.

Dubai school kid gets accepted in five Ivy League universities

Posted on: April 01, 2022

Pritvik Sinhadc aged 17 has been accepted into a total of 23 universities from across the U.S and the U.K out of which 5 are Ivy League universities. He has also been offered a renewable scholarship of $33500 annually by the University of California Berkeley. Pritvik who plans on opening his teaching institute someday says the next difficult task will be deciding which university to choose. His top choices include Caltech, Stanford and Princeton University. Pritvik said that the journey wasn’t easy and he had to overcome so many failures but now he looks toward the bright future and is grateful for all the opportunities. 

Global jobs continue to attract Indian students

Posted on: April 01, 2022

According to recent data, the number of Indian students studying in Canada has increased by 350 per cent over the last five years. Business schools and technological institutes not only prepare students for high paying jobs but also make them ready for any life problem that one might have to face ahead. Initially, Russia, China and Australia were the top choices for Indian students for Technical courses but now Indian students are inclining majorly towards Canada, US and UK. Indian applicants have an excellent record of getting approved for work permits. In Canada, the approval rate has been 95%. The US remains the first and the most sought after choice for STEM courses. Students opt for these countries because they not only offer quality education but also offer very attractive job opportunities.

Australian and Indian partnership potential for global success

Posted on: April 01, 2022

Since the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership was agreed upon in 2020, the India-Australia relationship has been reaching its all-time high. The recent summit between both the countries and their prime ministers focused on the agenda of economic cooperation. Releasing the fact that education is an important tangent of the economy, a Taskforce on Education Qualifications Recognition at the aforesaid summit was announced. The task-force is meaning to offer different modes of learning to students like online, blended, joint degrees and education at offshore campuses. The aim is to expand education qualification recognition between Australia and India by 2023.

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