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IISc ranked the top most educational institute in India

Posted on: October 11, 2022

The latest round of Times Higher Education rankings is out and the Indian Institute of Science has retained its top position once again. Just like last year, it has left behind all the IITs and IIMs. It has been ranked in the 251-300 band. The University of Oxford has been ranked the best university globally among the 1799 universities from 104 countries. The second place among Indian institutes has been taken by Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences (351-400 overall). It is a university from Himachal Pradesh and has made its debut in the rankings. JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research which is another private research institution has also been ranked second among the Indian institutes. Tamil Nadu’s Alagappa University, a public institution has got third place.

Best universities in Europe for science courses

Posted on: October 10, 2022

A few years ago nobody would have even thought about the world that we are living in right now. If you are sitting in your room, you may just take a look around it and you will notice that everything that you are surrounded with is a byproduct of science. Imagine your life without science and its invention to realize how helpless we will be without it. Since technology has taken over the world so vividly, the need for people who are good at it is more than ever. Tech and science field has created mass employment opportunities for youth around the globe and has solved the problem of unemployment. European universities are known for their quality education in the fields of technology and science. Also, they are much more inexpensive than American and Australian universities. Here are some of the top European universities for students who want to continue their career in the field of science and tech-

  • University of Essex

This university was founded in 1964 and has been relentlessly working for the betterment of the environment. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses by its School of Life Sciences including BSc Ecology and Environmental Biology, BSc Marine Biology, and the innovative new BSc Global Sustainability, as well as MSc Tropical Marine Biology and MSc Marine Science and Sustainable Development at the master’s level.

  • University of Glasgow

This University is the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world. It is one of the most prestigious universities globally and has been named the Scottish University of the year by Times higher education. The School of Geographical and Earth Sciences offers three undergraduate programs that include Geography, Geology, and Environmental geoscience.

  • Aberystwyth University

This university was established in the year 1872 and has celebrated its 150th anniversary. The university offers a variety of courses to choose from such as the BSc in Environmental Earth Science, the BSc in Biology and Climate Change, the MSc in Environmental Change, Impact and Adaptation, and the MSc in Sustainable and Efficient Food Production.

European universities with no application fees

Posted on: October 10, 2022

European universities are known for charging less tuition fees as compared to the rest of the universities of the world. This is why recently we have seen a much larger inclination among students to study in European universities. It is a win-win situation for them as they get a high-quality education and that too for low prices. But did you know that there are many European universities that don't charge any application fee as well? As surprising as it may sound, it's true and very much believable. Here are some European universities that don't charge any application fees from all international students.

  • University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge needs no introduction as it is one of the most respected universities in the world. It is a highly selective university with an acceptance rate of just 21%. The University of Cambridge offers free waves to students applying for post-graduation. But there are some requirements which are-

  • UK students applying for the fee waiver must be from low-income families.
  • Applications to the Postgraduate School of Life Sciences.
  • International students from the following countries-
  • University of Oxford

The University of Oxford has been cited as the number one university in the whole world numerous times. It has given some of the most renowned scientists, nobel prize winners, and famous personalities. Students can apply for an application fee waiver but there are some requirements-

  • UK students applying for the application fee waiver must be from low-income families.
  • The student must be a refugee
  • International students from low-income countries.
  • A student who is applying for readmission.
  • Applying to related research courses

Is Taiwan better than Hong Kong for international education?

Posted on: October 10, 2022

When choosing between Hong Kong and Taiwan most of the students are not able to come up with one answer. On the surface, both of these countries may seem alike to you but in reality, they are quite different from each other. It is true that both of these countries are known for good quality of education with prices that won't burn your pocket. Taiwan is the right choice for you if you're looking to pursue a course in the field of technology whereas Hong Kong offers a blend of western and eastern education. Let us compare both of these countries-

  • Tuition fees

Taiwan is slightly less expensive than Hong Kong when it comes to tuition fees. The average tuition fee in Hong Kong is between US$11,500 to US$34,000 whereas in Taiwan it is US$1,650 to US$4,560 per year.

  • Scholarships

Both of these countries offer a generous amount of scholarships to international students. In Taiwan you can apply for government scholarships and for Hong Kong you can apply for scholarships such as HKU Belt and Road Scholarship and ADB-Japan Scholarship Program For Developing Countries In Asia & Pacific.

  • Cost of living

Hong Kong is expensive when it comes to the cost of living. Taiwan on the other hand is more affordable. But it is to consider that cost of living is a very subjective expense that can vary from individual to individual.

  • Visa costs

For Taiwan, you would have to apply for a resident visa if your educational program is longer than six months. The Resident visa cost you around US$69.5. For studying in Hong Kong students would have to apply for a student study visa which will cost them around US$67.52.

Canada to make PR system easier

Posted on: October 10, 2022

Immigration Minister of Canada Sean Fraser has announced a five-pillar plan which will make it easier for international students in Canada to get a PR. The plan will include an express entry which will allow IRCTC to invite candidates to the country as per the economic requirement of the country. The plan includes a strategy to convert temporary immigrant workers into permanent residents in order to curb the demand for laborers. Most of students like to stay back in Canada after the completion of their education. Under the post-graduation work permit rules, they are allowed to stay back for a fixed period of time. After this time is over they are constantly under the threat of being thrown out of the country. This plan has been made for their welfare so that no international student has to face such difficulty. Canada on its part has been facing a labor shortage and an all-time low unemployment rate. The Canadian government is in desperate need of human resources and this plan will certainly work to their benefit.

How to tackle recession as an international student?

Posted on: October 08, 2022

The whole world is right now facing the problem of inflation which has caused the crumbling of currencies. The Ukraine -Russia war has been a major aspect in this crisis. Due to this economic problem, everything has become more expensive than it was earlier. The aftermath of this is faced by everyone irrespective of what country they are living in. This has been a lot of problems for international students because international education has already been quite expensive and now with the ongoing situation it has become even costlier. Here are some ways through which you can tackle the problem of inflation as an international student-

  • Consider doing multiple jobs

Now that everything has become so expensive that one has to expand sources of income. This is why it is advisable for international students to work multiple part-time jobs in order to earn more money. This may sound a little disturbing to a lot of people as juggling both work and study is not an easy thing. Doing two jobs at a time increases pressure on students but if you carefully manage your time then anything is possible.

  • Invest in yourself

Start investing in yourself by upgrading your skills. Make yourself acquainted with the latest technology and trends so that you're efficient at your work. This way you will be able to earn more.

  • Stop limiting yourself

Don't put yourself under categories. For instance, if you want to go into the tech field, make sure that you don't limit yourself to one branch of it.

Things to do before your graduation is just about to end

Posted on: October 08, 2022

There are a lot of legal and personal obligations that one must fulfill before their graduation period in an international university is about to end. A lot of students do know about this because of which it causes them a lot of distress. As your savior today, we are here with a list of things that you must start doing when your graduation is on the verge of ending.

  • Visit the career center office

Many students undermine the importance of career centers in their universities. They are a gateway towards internships, job opportunities, and whatnot. Before your graduation is about to end, make sure that you visit the career center office of your college on a regular basis so that you don't miss out on any important opportunities.

  • Start collecting your work references

No matter where you have worked and what small job you have done, it is very important to start collecting all of your work preferences to build up your CV. Each and every small job and Internship matters when it comes to building up your CV.

  • Start applying for a post-study work visa.

If you have plans to stay back in the country that you are studying in, then make sure that you start applying for a post-study work visa once your study tenure is about to end. It is very important to make timely decisions regarding your Visa and stay permit as these things are not done in the last hour.

  • Start applying for jobs as having a good job will increase your probability of staying back in the country even if your study Visa is over. Having a joining letter will help you in getting a work visa so that you can stay back.

Countries that easily offer post study work permits

Posted on: October 08, 2022

Most of the students want to stay back in the country after they have completed their education. This is because the major reason behind investing so much money in their education is to be able to work in that particular country and improve one's standard of living. Some countries have very tough post-study work visa permit rules whereas some countries are very lenient regarding the same. Here is a list of countries that offer post-study work visas easily-

  • Switzerland

Switzerland school of opportunities in both IT as well as tourism sectors. If you're somebody who is interested in the culinary industry then this is the right place for you. Switzerland offers work permits very easily as it has a shortage of labor.

  • Singapore

Singapore is a strong economy dominating the Asian continent even though it is geographically very small in size. The government of Singapore is very gracious with its residents so immigrants can enjoy the benefits of great career opportunities, low tax rates, cheap and reliable public transport, and generous financial packages. The visa norms here are also not very tough.

  • Australia

Australia has maintained its position among the top choices of international students for study abroad. Recently Australia has also amended its own laws related to international students and immigration for attracting more and more students.

  • Canada

Canada has recently been in the news for extending the number of hours students can work part-time. This year Canada has issued a record-breaking number of student visas. This data in itself is proof that studying and working in Canada is not a very tough process.

Universities of Norway to start charging fees from international students

Posted on: October 08, 2022

Students who have researched well about European universities would be aware that most of the universities in Norway do not charge any fees to international students. Education in Norway is free for everyone. But the government has been in discussions recently to change this law and start imposing tuition fees on third-country students. This means that education will still be free for native students and students of the European Union but students from other nations would have to pay for their education. Minister of Education, Ola Borten has said that most of the international students come here to study because of free education, not because they think that the quality of education is very high here. This is why it is time for them to prioritize their own native students and think the best for them. Those who still want to study in Norway can pay their own fees.

What is the CSS profile and how to complete it?

Posted on: October 07, 2022

The CSS profile is your gateway to non-federal scholarships. It is recorded and maintained by the same organization that facilitates SATs. It is needed by 300 educational institutes around the world in order to offer scholarships to an individual. The CSS profile allows families and individuals to put forward whatever reasons they have to justify their inability to pay college tuition fees. This application is majorly needed by private institutions which have bigger endowments to offer. Some examples of the universities that will be considering the CSS application for distributing financial allowances to students are-

  • American University (DC)
  • Brandeis University (MA)
  • College of William & Mary (VA)
  • Duke University (NC)
  • Grinnell College (IA)
  • Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ)
  • University of Michigan—Ann Arbor
  • University of Southern California
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA)

In order to complete the CSS profile, it is very essential to have a college board account. If you are a student who's ready to get into college and has appeared for SATs then you might already have a college board account which will come in handy while completing your CSS profile. Make sure that you create your profile there. After that, it is very important for you to collect all the necessary documents which are witnesses of your inability to pay tuition fees like your income tax receipts from the same year as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Students who have already completed their FAFSA application can fill in the same information in their CSS applications. In both applications, tax documents of two years prior to the year of joining the College have to be submitted. So for instance, if you want to start college in 2024, you will have to submit your tax documents for the year 2022. After that select colleges that you want to apply to. There is no minimum or maximum number limit when it comes to applying for colleges.

Requirements for studying abroad as an Indian student

Posted on: October 07, 2022

There are certain things that are demanded globally on a mutual level from Indian students when they decide to study abroad. As a study abroad aspirant you must be well acquainted with these so that you can start making the preparations in advance.

  • Application 

It is the initial step in your journey towards studying abroad as you will need to submit your application to different universities stating your biodata upon the basis of which you will be selected or rejected.

  • Academic records

Along with your application, it is also mandatory to submit your academic records as proof of what you have written in your application. This involves your high school mark sheets and mark sheets of other courses that you have done before.

  • Language proficiency test 

As an international student, you also have to prove your ability to communicate in the language of the country you are traveling to. For the purpose of Language proficiency tests have to be undertaken.

  • Statement of purpose

A statement of purpose is like a mirror of your personality. You get to say what you think about yourself and why you think you are a potential candidate for a seat in the given University.

  • Letter of recommendation

A letter of recommendation is generally given by a person in authority in an educational institute like the professor of your previous college or the principal of your high school.


Different ways to study for free abroad

Posted on: October 07, 2022

Being tight on a budget doesn't mean that you have to necessarily give up your dream of studying abroad. It means that you have to start looking for alternative options that will help you to achieve your dream. Today we have listed several ways together through which you can study for free or almost free in a foreign country.

  • Scholarships

First and the foremost way is obviously scholarships and endowments. Usually, scholarships are given to students who are either Academically bright or come from a highly underprivileged background. But over the past years, international universities have increased the number of scholarships that they offer to international students and more than 50% of students studying in foreign universities have some kind of scholarship.

  • Exchange programs

Governments of different countries have tied up with each other in order to promote cultural exchange among their citizens and students. Under cultural exchange programs, students are sent to different countries to study for a fixed amount of time during their degree. This is generally financed by the government.

  • European universities

European universities are known for providing education to international students free of cost or at a minimal cost. You can apply to countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Denmark et cetera where the quality of education is very high and at the same time, it is affordable.

Most preferred college combinations among students in Delhi University

Posted on: October 07, 2022

Now that the results of CUET are out, students are actively applying for courses in colleges. As we know this year Delhi University took a landmark decision of conducting admissions on the basis of entrance exams instead of the conventional percentage cut-off method. Delhi University has 79 different undergraduate programs and out of which there are selected ones are selected by students in the majority this year. Some of the most popular college combinations among Delhi University students this year are B.Com at Ramjas College (44,429), Kirori Mal College (44,393), Sri Venkateswara College (42,599), Delhi College of Arts and Commerce (41,937), Shaheed Bhagat Singh College (39,939), Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College (39,209), Dyal Singh College (38,166) and Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce (38,120); and B.A. (Hons) in English at Hindu College (38,674) and Hansraj College (38,345).

Canada updates part-time work rules for international students

Posted on: October 06, 2022

Canada's immigration minister Sean Fraser has announced a temporary measure for fulfilling the ongoing labor shortage in Canada. Now international students will be able to work for 20 hours per week while their classes are ongoing. This will allow over  500,000 students to work for more hours and subsequently earn more money. This initiative will come into effect from November 15, 2022, until December 31, 2023. Currently, Canada is witnessing a historical labor shortage and an all-time low unemployment rate. In 2021 alone, Canada issued over 620000 student visas and the demand has grown tremendously in the following year. The majority of the students reported that they were interested in staying back in Canada as permanent residents after their education has been completed. This is because the Canadian market has a job for everyone and the minimum wage rates are also very decent. Throughout the years Canada has faced a problem of shortage of human resources which is why it views international students as potential future residents. This way it's a win-win situation for both the Canadian government as well as the international students.

Australia to put back limits on the number of hours international students can work part-time

Posted on: October 06, 2022

After offline education resumed in Australia, a new set of rules was introduced to attract a lot of students from around the globe to study at Australian universities. This was done to compensate for the loss that the Australian economy had to endure during the two years of the pandemic. Thus Australia allowed international students to work for as many hours as they wanted by uplifting part-time work-related restrictions. But later on, it was proposed that this policy will lead to the degradation of the quality of education in Australia. As students will be allowed to work for as many as they want to, they will be able to concentrate less on their studies. This will further affect their study performance which will lead to a decline in Australia’s image as a quality caterer of international education. Now the federal government of Australia has finally addressed this problem. From July 2023 onwards students will no longer be allowed to work for an unlimited number of hours. Restrictions will be implemented again and the number of hours they can work will be decided by the government. The Australian government strives to maintain a perfect balance between work and studies for the students so that none of them is compromised.

Most vs least expensive private colleges in the US

Posted on: October 06, 2022

Private colleges are known to be expensive as they are independent educational institutes aloof from any government funding. The average difference between the most expensive and the least expensive private colleges in the US is around US$53,000. Over the last two decades, the tuition fees of private colleges have increased by 150%. The majority of the highly expensive private colleges are located on the east coast of the United States of America with an average tuition fee of around US$65,000. On the other hand, the average tuition fee of the least expensive private colleges on an average is around US$11,700. Most of them are national universities or national liberal art colleges and are geographically spread throughout the country. Out of the most expensive private colleges category, some of them like Brown university and USC are extremely popular but their fees can be eye-popping for many whereas in the category of the least expensive colleges, Brigham Young University—Provo, which ranks No. 90 in the National Universities category is the best value university that you can get. Here is a list of the most expensive and the least expensive private colleges in the US

Most Expensive 

  • Tufts University
  • Brown University
  • Colorado College
  • Vassar College
  • University of Southern California
  • Boston College
  • Amherst College
  • Colgate University 

Least Expensive 

  • Boricua College
  • Brigham Young University 
  • Stillman College
  • Tougaloo College
  • Voorhees College 
  • National University 
  • Allen University 

Top educational institutes in Singapore

Posted on: October 06, 2022

Although Singapore is geographically a very small island country, it has seen tremendous economic growth over the past decades. Singapore is also home to some of the most prestigious educational institutes in the world. Here is a list of the colleges and universities of Singapore-

  • National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
  • Singapore Management University (SMU)
  • Singapore Institute of Management
  • INSEAD - Singapore
  • PSB Academy 
  • SP Jain School of Global Management
  • Nanyang Institute of Management
  • Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)
  • James Cook University - Singapore (JCU)

Cheapest country is if you want to study medical

Posted on: October 05, 2022

Generally, medical degrees are very expensive around the world. This is because this degree is longer than other conventional degrees and involves a lot more research and practice than other degrees. For those universities that charge fewer fees, the competition is really very high. So in that case what should a medical aspirant who doesn't have a lot of financial resources and is not the top-ranked do? Many people suggest that the medical field is made for the best out of the best lot so there is no room for mediocrity. But here we have bought some sustainable countries that offer medical degrees in a  rather affordable way to international students.

  • Russia

Russia is known for its high-quality education, especially in the field of medicine which is affordable at the same time. Medical degrees here can go as low as US$1,750 per year. Some of the cheapest medical universities in Russia are the Vitebsk State Order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University and Volgograd State Medical University. Russia also offers a lot of scholarships to international students for instance in 2020 alone 15000 international students were given scholarships.

  • China

In the last few years, China has climbed its way up in the education industry. Courses offered by Chinese universities are known by the world. A medical degree can cost you around US$2,500 per year. Southwest Medical University, Ningxia Medical University, and Yangzhou University are some of the prestigious medical institutes here.

  • Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan has become a very future-oriented country in the last few years. Some popular medical universities are Osh State University and Jalal-Abad State University Medical Faculty. Average annual tuition fees can be around US$3,500 to US$6,500 per year.

Best liberal arts colleges in the US

Posted on: October 05, 2022

Liberal art colleges are a perfect choice for individuals who want to shape themselves into mature individuals who can handle whatever life throws at them and at the same time become professionally proficient. The idea behind these colleges is to not overburden you with textbooks and assignments and rather let you flourish by yourself through external support. Here are some of the best liberal art colleges in the US

  • Marymount Manhattan College

This college is located in New York in a very happening environment. Students here get the liberty to choose their passion before actually venturing into that field professionally. Students have the opportunity to select from over a hundred majors and minors in this college

  • Anna Maria College

This college reinforces the idea of less is more. It is a college consisting of a close-knit community. One and mentorship is given to all the students and classes or is smaller in size when it comes to the number of students. It is located in Paxton, Massachusetts.

  • Simpson College

This college is known for its academic excellence which is why the after-graduation employment rate of this college is 98.6%. It is the only college in Iowa known for quality education.

How to save money in a foreign country as an international student?

Posted on: October 05, 2022

The actual realization of the price of money happens when you step out of your home and start managing your expenses on your own. This is when you understand that saving money is more important than spending it on pleasurable things. It is very important to monitor your expenses on a daily basis so that you don't get off track with your budget. Here are some ways which will help you in adhering to your budget.

  • The first step is to buy foreign currency from your home country only and not get it exchanged once you land in another country. This will save a lot of your money as getting your currency changed in a foreign land is much more expensive.
  • Make sure that you carry a foreign exchange card with you. It is almost like an ATM card that you can use anywhere. This will also prevent you from losing out on cash.
  • Get yourself a new bank account in the country that you will study in. Make sure that you register yourself as an international student because that way you will get a lot of rebates.
  • Make sure that you are aware of the money transfer rates and charges that each bank applies. Select carefully the one that is charging the least amount of money and at the same time is a secure option.

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