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Karla from Mexico:

“The students from David Game College are really friendly. The environment is really cool because it is multicultural, so you experience being close with people from different places. The experience of living on your own makes you more mature and responsible.”


Andres from Venezuela:

“When I arrived in London I was unclear how I could apply and go to university. I found the UFP on the internet and it was a great decision to do a foundation course here. They guide you trhough the application process and give you a wide range of universities that you can apply to.”


Cherono from Kenya:

“The teaching style on the UFP is wonderful. The teachers are very thorough, knowledgeable and experienced. The course is intense, but I worked hard and was able to achieve the grades I needed to get into the university of my choice, as well as gaining great preparation for venturing into Law.”


Jennie from the Philippines:

“I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere here. The tutors are approachable and helpful whenever we get stuck at a certain point in our projects. We get a lot of support from our tutors, whether it’s on projects or portfolios. The course has definitely prepared me for more intense tasks ahead at university.”


Zakarya from Algeria:

“During my time on the UFP I have met a lot of people that I consider good friends. The teachers are very helpful and hard-working people and always explain things in a way I can understand. I was particularly impressed with my Economics tutor. As for my university choices, I haven’t made up my mind yet between the University of Bath and CASS Business School.”


Elmira from Iran:

“I’ve really enjoyed the style of teaching and methods the UFP teachers use. All have full and excellent backgrounds in their respective fields and share their knowledge very passionately. Being surrounded by loads of cafes and shops makes breaks between lessons really fun.”


Karim, Architecture at the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA):

“I learned so much from my tutors. What I like is that they focus on each person’s abilities and potential, helping us to develop our skills, techniques and understanding. I couldn’t have received better support.”


Youssef, Management & Organisation at the University of Lancaster:

“The teachers are great. They are very supportive and understand the differences in students’ abilities if they are taking a subject for the first time.”


Hilma, Multimedia & Arts Technology at Queen Mary, University of London:

“Studying on the UFP was a very good choice. It is great preparation for university and helped me select the right course. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!”


Noor, Law at the University of Reading:

“I enjoy studying on the UFP because of the fun learning environment. The people here are all unique and really nice. What I enjoy most about the College is the teachers. They are really supportive.”


Golnaz, Human Genetics at the University College London (UCL):

“Being accepted for a BSc in Human Genetics and achieving an honours degree at UCL would never have been possible without the right encouragement and excellent support which I received during my time on the UFP.”


Ajith, Engineering at the University of Bristol:

“The teachers at UFP were excellent and I particularly enjoyed the multicultural environment. I have made friends from many different countries.”


Anna, Business Management at the University of Manchester:

“I really appreciated the incredibly supportive atmosphere at the UFP, especially during the UCAS process. I’m glad I received this support while I was making such important decisions about my future.”


Cynthia, Pharmacy at King’s College London (KCL):

“Small class sizes meant that we received maximum attention from our teachers who were encouraging and supportive throughout the whole programme.”


Ghita, Architecture at the Architecture Association School of Architecture (AA):

“What I appreciated most about the UFP was the friendly and supportive atmosphere among staff and students, as well as the ability to create interesting projects from different creative perspectives.”


Sana, Pharmacy at University College London (UCL):

“I would recommend the UFP because it is a one-year programme which is specially designed for international students and can lead to entry to a top UK university.”


Ulas, Politics at the University of Edinburgh:

“After carefully researching universities I was drawn to the University of Edinburgh with its great location and world-class reputation. I was fully supported throughout the application process and I was delighted to receive an offer.”

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