Personal Statements for College Applications

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Personal Statements for College Applications

A personal statement is the core of any university application. The document elucidates your desire to pursue the course, how your existing skills qualify you for a seat, why you have chosen the university, and what your subsequent plans are.

While going through the application, the university admission officer examines the affirmation of your motivation, commitment, leadership, teamwork, communication skills, understanding of the opted subject, work experience, and the relevant skills you possess.

How to write a personal statement for college? GoToUniversity’s experienced admission counselor have a great expertise with applications for colleges and far as the essay is concerned, it requires a great structure; it should be very well organized and well written, the content must be realistic and not questionable, and the idea must be properly illustrated to the readers. It must be written on your own as it says ‘PERSONAL’. 

Why is a Personal statement important?

A personal statement not only contributes to your application with an excellent opportunity to exhibit the above-mentioned skills but furthermore provides the admission officers with a perception of the type of student you strive to be and how well you could fit into the academic community of the university and how far would be able to go to reach your goals and be useful to the university as well.

Reflects your personality

The basic yet major role a college application essay plays in your application process is that it provides a justification for the admission officer to select your desired degree or program. The personal statement should be persuasive enough to accomplish its purpose of enlisting you in your desired program or university. The personal statement for college comprises information about your life that states your ability, commitment, skills, etc. You should show them your skills through this statement rather than just telling them.

Write under guidance

The reason why most students struggle to write an effective personal statement is that they just turn it into a recital resume that does not attract much of their attention and that is certainly not the impact you want to bring about on the admission officers! And then at this point, the need for an experienced and knowledgeable person’s outlook is required to decide whether or not your statement is ready for submission. To make it hassle-free you can avail the personal statement writing services at GoToUniversity which can remarkably shoot up chances for your admission by helping you have a personal statement that will set you aside from other candidates in a way that transcripts cannot. We also provide you with examples of personal statement so that you can get an idea of writing effectively.

Personal statements succeed when they are definite and precise. For instance, instead of mentioning the zeal that you have for a particular program, rather, tell a story that would exemplify your passion or tendency or a story that calls attention to the experiences which built your passion for that subject.

Our role

GoToUniversity specializes in guiding students to write outstanding personal statements for a broad range of programs. And we have also been helping students for years in writing college application essays. 

Personal statement help is always provided to the students who need it and our team of expert admission consultants and editors will assist you in building a statement that is engaging, impactful, personalized, and free of plagiarism. In other words, it will be a personal statement that can secure you a place at your dream university.

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