Scholarship and Financial Aid guidance

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Scholarship and Financial Aid guidance

While planning their future in an internationally acclaimed university, the first thing a student – or even the parents of a student – looks into is the quality of teaching at the institution, which depends on both how accomplished the faculty are and how good the teaching infrastructure at the institute is, and the fee structure of the institute. However, if the student has scored well in their school exams, they can avail scholarships in many universities, albeit to different degrees. International scholarships are for high scoring students from any background.

There are many International Scholarship Programs which the eligible students take advantage of. There are Government Scholarships, Organizational Scholarships, and University-specific Scholarships.

Students who have scored excellent marks in their last few years in school can ease the financial worries of their parents by applying for scholarship granted through these programs. These scholarships not only let them pay a lower amount as tuition fee but also accord them a kind of recognition within the University. That is why it makes sense even for students from high net-worth families to apply for scholarships.

Once we have reviewed your documents, we suggest you many different categories of Scholarships available in the country or university of your choice. If you start planning way ahead of your senior year in school, you should try really hard to get higher marks in all your school exams.

The Types of Scholarships Listed Below Can Be Obtained By High Scoring Students:

  • Merit-based scholarship
  • Need-based grants and bursaries by college
  • Tuition Fee waiver
  • Trustee Scholarship
  • Commonwealth scholarship
  • Private or Organizational scholarship
  • Lester B. Pearson Scholarship in Canada

Best of the merit-based scholarships

There are many different types of merit scholarships that seek to help talented, hardworking students from middle class families afford a college education. The amount varies from $500 to $75,000.

Academic merit scholarships

Many merit-based scholarships are rewarded based on demonstrated academic excellence which is believed to manifest itself through your grade point average or your standardized test scores.

Scholarships based on GPA

One of the best ways you can demonstrate academic excellence lies through attaining a high GPA. For high school students who haven't yet taken any standardized test scores, leveraging an impressive GPA can be critical in earning merit scholarships.

Athletic scholarships

Another form of merit award is athletic scholarships for students who excel in sports.

How do I get a merit scholarship?

Due to the high demand for financial aid, obtaining a scholarship can involve stiff competition.

To stand out and catch the donor's eye, make sure you're submitting a unique application. Whether the scholarship requires an essay, a video featuring you, or a portfolio, make sure that you put time into your submission and make it special and detailed.

You can also utilize your profile to your advantage by adding detail to your bio, making sure you have all the relevant experience added, and that your profile reflects your interests and background.

What qualifies you to apply scholarship & financial aid?

  • Applying for some merit-based and need-based scholarships require an essayto be submitted
  • Applying for many types of scholarships require a recommendation letter to be submitted
  • While many scholarship programs ask you to submit one or more essays, some may ask for a project instead, such as a poem or a video.

Another way to secure Financial Aid is to build CSS Profile.

CSS Profile:

CSS Profile collects income and asset information from international students in order to submit accurate and complete financial information on a schedule that works for the institutions. The CSS profile for international students is used to evaluate css application form submitted by around 200 undergraduate colleges for college financial assistance.

Schools with CSS Profile

The CSS profile for international students is considered only by some schools for financial assistance depending on need. Some are public schools but most are privately run institutions.

Some schools that use the international student CSS profile:

  • University of Fordham (NY)
  • Amherst College
  • Barnard College
  • Boston University
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Duke University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Rice University
  • Stanford University

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