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Career paths after Law in UK

Law is a highly sought-after career especially in the UK where even newly-established law firms can make GBP 35,000 annually and hit a million within just 5–6 years of practice

    Know more about university degrees in Sustainable or Renewable Engineering

    Sustainable Engineering uses existing resources to sustain energy and meet energy needs without compromising future generations.

      Benefits of booking your accommodation

      Studying abroad is a life-changing decision and an experience to be cherished forever. Apart from their educational journeys, students preparing to move abroad will experience a new lifestyle, new culture, food, social life, and, most importantly, a home-

        How to apply for student accommodation in the UK

        Due to the quality of education and the exposure students find in studying in the UK, the number of applications and candidates turning towards pursuing education in the UK tends to escalate only. The application process of the UK universities becomes pre

          Student Loan Subsidized and Unsubsidized

          Student loan refers to the assistance in monetary terms offered to students looking to study abroad; by government and private institutions. The said loan covers the gap in your college funding. When we talk about federal student loans, it is the governme

            Why to take an AP course

            AP stands for advanced placement courses which offer college level courses to high school students in order for them to earn college credit and qualify for higher level subjects at the beginning of the college. The primary intent of the course is to give

              How do I get a medical residency in the USA as an International Medical Graduate?

              International Medical Graduates are someone who achieves a medical degree outside the USA and in order to practice medicine in the US. They are required to go through the IMG Residency Match in the US.

                Student life in DeMontfort University

                DeMontfort University was recognized in 1992. Situated in Leicester, the university is known for quality and differentiation in education. ‘The Empowering University’ is their tagline as they support and nurture the community of academics in order to prov

                  How does a gap year affect your college application?

                  Many universities actively encourage new students to take a year gap between high school and college. Others believe that everyone should take a year off between high school and college to volunteer.

                    Top 5 Reasons to pursue a Master’s Degree from abroad Universities

                    Experiencing a different academic environment and learning more about yourself can greatly benefit studying abroad. Employers are increasingly seeking students with a global perspective and understanding of other cultures. They are looking for an ability

                      Best countries to pursue Mechanical Engineering

                      Mechanical Engineering is one of the most pursued fields in Engineering. Every year thousands of students send their applications to the best engineering universities in the world and build their career in their desired field. This field can also fit many

                        Study intakes in New Zealand

                        Education in New Zealand involves a stabilized and accessible framework. It’s just the fresh and modern thinking which enables the scholars of today to develop into a competent and professional workforce. When studying in New Zealand, you follow a student

                          Rankings and Popular Programs at Heriot Watt University

                          At Heriot-Watt, you can study at one of the campuses in the United Kingdom or go abroad to expand your horizons. About the third of the Edinburgh Campus students come from outside the United Kingdom, giving their campus a truly global feel. A chance to ma

                            How to Study MBBS without NEET for Indian Students

                            The MBBS admission overseas without NEET accepts alternative tests replacing NEET, making it simpler for Indian candidates to join quicker. Twenty thousand Indian students are expected to study abroad by the year 2024, according to research firm Redseer.

                              Queen's University Belfast Study Guide

                              Queen's University Belfast is a top institution for higher education to study in Ireland. The University is a member of the Russell Group, an elite squad of research-intensive universities in the United Kingdom, and is ranked 85th in the world by the 2022

                                Courses offered at Brunel University

                                Brunel University has successfully performed well in all annual rankings of the UK universities every time a report is published. The Guardian or The Times credit the university's strong rendition in assessing quality teaching as the biggest strength that

                                  Things to Remember Before Applying for MBBS Abroad

                                  For medical aspirants studying MBBS abroad has increasingly become the preferred option. Studying medicine abroad is also a good option for students who might not afford the best private medical colleges or universities in their homeland.

                                    Top Tips to Prepare for the LSAT

                                    The Law School Admission Test, sometimes known as the LSAT, is a compulsory part of the application process for undergraduates interested in pursuing a law education in the United States.

                                      Details you need to know about the PLAB exam

                                      The PLAB test, or Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board, is for international doctors who wish to practice medicine in the UK. It is the licensing exam for international medical professionals and international medical students for the UK. If you a

                                        Difference between IELTS academic and IELTS general

                                        IELTS, short for International English Language Testing System, is the world's most popular proficiency test for the English language. If you're planning to study or migrate abroad, especially to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, or other English-sp

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