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Medical universities admission requirements in the UK

Medicine stands as one of the most competitive courses in the UK and hence, quite popular. If you have got that zeal and the strong urge to heal and treat people scientifically, you should consider studying medicine in the UK. In the UK, the course is des

    Anglia Ruskin University Ranking

    The innovative hub of Cambridge – Anglia Ruskin University is situated in East Anglia, UK. It was established back in 1858 by John Ruskin as Cambridge School of Art. The art school later became Anglia Ruskin University (ARU). Studying in the UK has become

      Harvard University admission requirements

      Harvard has state-of-the-art facilities and world-renowned faculty, making the university the most desirable one for international students. It is an excellent place to seek your academic interest. However, getting into Harvard mandates you to fulfill man

        Middlesex University Guide for international students

        Middlesex university is a leading educational institution. If you want to study abroad, you must look for the university's requirements for secured admission. The university takes a personalized and fair approach to admission intakes.

          Pre departure guide for Indian students

          The excitement of obtaining an admission acknowledgement from your dream university is immense, but even so, the preparation does not end. The following step is creating a checklist, which can be especially challenging.

            Why Choose Loughborough University for Higher Education

            Loughborough University, established in 1966 and situated in Leicestershire, 90 mins away from London, is home to approximately 16,000 students. In this university, over 10 percent of students are foreign and represent more than 100 different nations.

              How to get an ideal score on the GRE

              The GRE exam is short for "Graduate Record Examinations" and is a standardised test required for international admission to masters and doctoral programmes. Colleges increasingly value a high score on the Graduate Record Examination for admissions purpose

                UCAT 2022 Preliminary Test Statistics

                With aspiring doctors looking forward to applying to world-renowned medical colleges and broadening their career prospects in the field of Medicine, the number of participants for the UCAT tests is skyrocketing every year. The Universal Clinical Aptitude

                  How Can I Take Admission To Deakin University From India

                  If you are looking to study at Deakin University in Australia, then your best bet might be to apply through the university's admissions website. Not only will this process help you better understand what it takes to attend Deakin, but you can also compare

                    How to Study Effectively & Beat the SAT

                    The SAT is a standardized college entrance exam measuring math, critical reading, and writing academic ability. It is offered in the United States, Canada, Dubai, and other places worldwide by the College Board. Read on to learn a few tips and tricks so t

                      Details about CAS letter for International Students

                      A Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) letter is your first step to admission to a foreign university. Issued by the concerned university, the document supports the student visa application after the aspirant meets the academic and financial crite

                        Why IELTS is important for international students

                        The International English Language Testing System, also known as IELTS, is required to be taken by students who wish to move to foreign countries to pursue studies or for any job purposes. Before you plan to immigrate to any country, it’s imperative for y

                          University of Plymouth

                          Established in 1862 as a polytechnic institute in England, later on it was recognized as a university in 1992 also it started the first medical and dental school. Speaking of the education it provides, it has a very welcoming environment and a very reputa

                            All about Digital SAT

                            The students applying to study undergraduate courses at universities abroad are supposed to take this test and it is especially required in the US and Canadian universities. At present, the test is conducted in a pencil and paper format but from the upcom

                              Top programs in Hamburg University for international students

                              Having the record for possessing intellectual and creative minds, Germany serves you an affordable education platter with the most beautiful and scenic locations to explore around.

                                Study at tuition free universities in Germany

                                From its vast history to its modern and classic architecture, Germany boasts itself as a higher education institution known for its highly acclaimed universities. You would get a vibrant lifestyle here. The major edge to studying in Germany is the fact th

                                  Popular universities to study Art & Design in Poland universities

                                  Studying Art and design gives meaning and structure to life. The ones with creative instincts choose this field to get the most out of it. By gaining knowledge in subjects such as painting, sculpture, fashion, interior design, etc, students are prepared t

                                    Study abroad intakes for International students

                                    What is a study intake? It means when a student is permitted to take admitted to a college. Due to the huge pile of students applying for universities abroad, the intakes provided by international universities are a minimum of two. The purpose is to accom

                                      Details about the USMLE

                                      To be able to study and practice medicine in the US, cracking the extensive three-step examination of the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) is a mandatory step you have to perform. Funded by the Federation of State Medical Board (FSMB) and the

                                        Career options for humanities students to study abroad

                                        When you study humanities, your thought range is supposedly brought into complete action and you are able to spot the similarities and dissimilarities in the self-expression. Humanities help us understand the basis of human culture and understand the “Why

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